Woman drowns 4 year old daughter, tries to burn the body, all to please God

A woman in the United Kingdom drowned her four year old daughter, Amelia Brooke Harris, and set her house on fire in an attempt to burn the body, all to please God.

Fair warning, the details of this story are extremely disturbing.

According to the BBC:

Carly Ann Harris believed she had to “sacrifice” Amelia on 8 June to prove her own faith to God.


The BBC continued:

The court heard Ms Harris described herself in police interviews as “a fallen angel and had to prove her strength”, adding that Amelia would have to be “cold-washed and burned”.

Jurors heard she told Amelia: “You’re going to see the angels. See you in heaven.”


And even more disturbing, after drowning her own child, Harris took the body and attempted to burn Amelia’s corpse.

He said the defendant then took the body out of the bath and outside wrapped in toilet paper and covered in a sheet.

He added: “She placed her body on a coffee table situated in the garden and then set fire to Amelia’s body.”

After hearing commotion from the family’s home, Harris went outside and told neighbors “Amelia has gone to heaven. Don’t go out the back, she’s gone to heaven.”

Neighbour Darren Griffiths said in a statement: “Carly was saying, ‘I would never harm my daughter but she was born for Jesus and she is with the angels now’.”

When law enforcement arrived, Harris told them “The angels told me to do it. Just arrest me, it’s OK.” She added “Jesus told me to do it. She will be OK. Trust me. I’m not crazy, I promise you… I promise you I wouldn’t do that to my only girl if she wasn’t returning.”

Harris said that she had seen “visions of angels” and said she had to “sacrifice her daughter in order to prove my faith”.

While she told law enforcement that she took “small amounts” of amphetamines prior to the incident, officials determined that she was not suffering from a drug-induced psychosis.

I’m not trying to be insensitive here, but this is literally a story directly from the bible. God supposedly asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac. The difference with the biblical version of the story is that in the Bible, a messenger from God intervenes and stops Abraham from murdering his child. So instead, Abraham decides to kill a ram.

Cover via BBC

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