Watch this drone flying over a Middle Ages festival get taken out with a spear

This is not the type of drone strike we’re used to hearing about.

I’ve never been to a Renaissance fair, but if I ever do go to one, I want the reenactors to be as authentic as this guy was.

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A participant in a mock battle in Rusborg, Russia decided to take matters into his own hands when he spotted a drone flying just overhead.

Because in Soviet Russia, *you* strike drone!

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You can’t really blame him for it. After all, he was in character and had a ranged weapon. And the drone received the same treatment today as it would have 500+ years ago.

The video was uploaded by the YouTube channel Беспилотник над Липецком. I assume you all know that that means, right comrades?

Watch the full video below:

Outstanding work, sir!

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Written by Dan Broadbent

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