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    Study confirms that monkeys with small genitalia act more aggressively

    A joint study conducted by the University of Western Australia and the University of Zurich, which has been published in The Royal Society B  journal, tells us something most women may already know. They studied 103 primate species with a focus on “the presence/absence of female monopolization”. What they found was that male primates with smaller genitalia compensated for their […] More

  • Our Planet

    Netflix’s docuseries ‘Our Planet’ is giving people all the feels

    Netflix has a new compelling and urgent documentary series called “Our Planet”. It’s filled with beautiful visuals, amazing cinematography, and a desperate message that highlights the impact of humans on our surrounding ecosystems. Articles have been circulating that showcase the anxiety people feel while watching the series. It has even undergone criticism for it’s graphic and […] More

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    This is the first-ever photo of a Black Hole

    Star Trek, Andromeda, and Dr. Who. These wildly successful shows have some intersecting storyboards. Black holes have been the linchpin for many plot lines in film and TV alike. Commonly referred to ‘quantum singularities’, they create the perfect drama-driven episode that we love. All the black holes you have seen up until now have been […] More

  • Felicia the Ferret

    Scientists put a ferret named Felicia in a particle accelerator

    Felicia was her name, and she was a working animal. No, she wasn’t a service dog. She wasn’t a herding animal. She wasn’t pulling a carriage. She was a ferret and she worked with scientists, helping them make the most fundamental elements of the universe. National Accelerator Laboratory began testing a proton synchrotron particle accelerator […] More

  • Syndrome K

    The fake disease that scared the nazis: Syndrome K

    There have been some pretty horrible news stories that detail parents fabricating illnesses for sympathy or attention, which is known as Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, and this syndrome leads to their children getting unnecessary and harmful procedures. So when we talk about fake diseases, you may have an immediate negative association. Or you may be […] More

  • New species of snake
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    New snake species discovered in another snake’s belly

    You may think that humans have found every animal there is to find. Other than the monsters at the depths of the ocean, what animal could possibly be elusive enough to evade human reach? How can we still be finding out new and exciting things about the animal kingdom? You may be surprised to know […] More

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