Why are atheists always so angry? 🤔

There are always folks who whine about me making fun of religion, saying things like “why can’t you let people believe what they want” or claiming I’m being rude by mocking a completely ridiculous ideology.

This post is for those people.

Do you understand now?

Does it make sense?

Do you feel any sort of responsibility for the current SCOTUS situation (after all, you gave religion a pass and didn’t see a problem with it affecting public policy)?

If you’ve argued that people like me need to leave religion alone, you tacitly supported this SCOTUS decision. Full stop.

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“lol why are atheists all so angry?!?”

Because we’ve been screaming about the enormous problem that is Christian Nationalism for years (decades?). Since before the abhorrent Citizens United ruling, we’ve been screaming that Republicans are playing the long game. We’ve been screaming about the slow moving, multi-decade coup since the 90s. The gerrymandering. The voter suppression. The extremist/activist Republican judges being appointed (… to lifetime positions).

While we’ve been screaming about these factual, objectively true events, you’ve been concern trolling and laughing about how “triggered” we are.

We screamed about Trump hijacking the Christian Nationalist movement (Trump is neither a Christian nor a nationalist – he cares only about himself).

We’ve been saying things like “Roe is on the ballot in November”. You said we were being ridiculous, and engaging in hyperbole.

Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell singlehandedly prohibited Garland from having a confirmation hearing, then in one of the most hypocritical acts of a politician in the 21st century, nominates Barrett just weeks before Trump lost the election. (Remember – those two appointments alone swung the court to a place where striking down Roe is possible, if not guaranteed.)

They want to make getting abortion – a medical procedure – a felony. (I warned about this 6 years ago.)

There are 13 states that already have laws on the books that will effectively ban abortion immediately once SCOTUS formally issues this ruling. At least a dozen other states will follow suit.

A politician in Arizona has already said they want to ban condoms. THEY WANT TO BAN CONDOMS. (I wrote an article warning about this five years ago. And another one 3 years ago.)

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn said that a 1965 SCOTUS ruling that made contraceptives legal is “constitutionally unsound”. She’s a horrible human being, but she’s not stupid. She wouldn’t publicly say something like that if she didn’t already know there is support behind the idea. (I wrote about the Christian Nationalist infatuation with abstinence-only sex education 4 years ago. But I also wrote about that 2 years prior, too.)


And this is all coming from the same group of people who think “it’s not rape if the child isn’t penetrated,” which is a real think a real religious ‘leader’ said.

So yes, you’re goddamn right I’m angry.

The real question: why aren’t you?

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Written by Dan Broadbent

Science Enthusiast. Atheist. Lover of cats.




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