What I am:
I’m Dan Broadbent. A while ago, I taught music in a public school, then totally switched gears and became child protective services worker, and now I completely changed gears again to doing… Whatever it is I’m doing now. I made a Facebook page, A Science Enthusiast, which I launched around January 2015 as a hobby, but since then it’s exploded into something I never could have imagined. I live with my wife, my two kids, and our four cats in Indianapolis.

Why do this?
I made aSE to promote science, critical thinking, atheism, human rights, and other things I think are important or interesting. And memes. 

Other pages in the aSE network that you should totally follow:

Dan Broadbent – A Science Enthusiast (basically a backup page for aSE after the #NuggetGate fiasco of 2017)

Skeptical Kitten
Cute Nopes
Elon Musk and SpaceX Memes
We Believe in Nihilism
We Believed in Nihilism (The former backup, now primary ‘We Believe in Nihilism’ page – it’s a joke within a joke within a joke)
Cats in Space Quoting Scientists
Alternative Science
A Tardigrade

We also have a handful of discussion groups:

The Science Enthusiasts
Skeptical Kitten Group
The Science Enthusiasts Dank Meme Stash (though the name changes rather often)
Another Nihilism™ Facebook Group

How do you contact me?

Facebook- A Science Enthusiast
Email- tips[at]aScienceEnthusiast.com
Twitter- @aSciEnthusiast
Instagram- @aSciEnthusiast