What I am:
I’m A Science Enthusiast! In a past life, I was a public school teacher turned child protective services worker. I made a Facebook page, A Science Enthusiast, which I launched in January 2015. I live with [Borat voice]my wife, my two kids, and our four cats in Indianapolis.

Why do this?
I made aSE to talk about skepticism, science, atheism, logic, critical thinking, religion, geek culture, human rights, other things I think are important, and other things that may not be all that important.

My goal is to increase science literacy and promote critical thinking.  I’m not sure if I heard this idea somewhere or if it was an original thought, but I believe that science becomes significantly less scary once you make an attempt to understand it.  I think most of the “antis” (anti-GMO, anti-vaccine, anti-science) have the views they have because of a lack of understanding and general distrust of authority figures.

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We also have a handful of discussion groups:

The Science Enthusiasts
Skeptical Kitten Group
The Science Enthusiasts Dank Meme Stash (though the name changes rather often)
Another Nihilism™ Facebook Group

How do you contact me?

Facebook- A Science Enthusiast
Email- Dan@aScienceEnthusiast.com
Tips/Story submissions- Tips@aScienceEnthusiast.com
Twitter- @aSciEnthusiast
Instagram- @aSciEnthusiast