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    Pancakes are the absolute worst and I can prove it

    Recently, someone I know aired a grievance regarding banana pancakes and the horrid phenomenon of bananas actually being cooked into the pancake itself. The person had just eaten “banana pancakes” from a pancake house and was advocating for the bananas to be cooked inside the pancake itself, rather than placed on top once the cooking […] More

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    Robert Mueller’s report has been released in full, read it here

    After all this time, we’re finally going to see the dark underbelly of the 2016 Trump Presidential Campaign. For two years, Robert Mueller and his team have been investigating Trump and basically any organization remotely affiliated with him. Finally, what happened is going to be exposed to the light of day. The details are far […] More

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    NASA announces a bold new plan: the Re-usable Crew Program

    KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLORIDA – After the massive success of SpaceX’s re-usability of their rockets and Crew Capsule, NASA has announced a bold new plan to make spaceflight even cheaper. NASA will stop their previous practice of simply throwing away crew members in favor of re-using them. In a partnership with NASA’s Commercial Crew Program – […] More

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    An anti-vaxxer shares what finally made him get vaccinated

    We’ve posted a lot about anti-vaxxers lately because they’re doing seemingly everything they can to Make Preventable Diseases Great Again. So much so that we’ve received negative feedback about it: lol. But it’s an important issue because of the potential ramifications for society as a whole. In general, anti-vaxxers aren’t stupid, and it doesn’t help […] More

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    Christians are upset at Kit Kat for reminding them of ‘male genitalia’, because: Missy Elliott

    The Christian activist group ‘One Million Moms’ who, as of this writing have 3,649 followers on Twitter, are taking the makers of Kit Kat to task for their new ad because Missy Elliott reminds them of penises. In case you didn’t notice, I filed this one under the category ‘Previously Unsaid Sentences’ because this is […] More

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    A prominent anti-vaccine activist was hospitalized with chickenpox

    According to a report, a prominent anti-vaccine activist and politician in Italy has been hospitalized with the completely preventable childhood disease we all lovingly know as chickenpox. Massimiliano Fedriga, who is the president of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region and member of the right-wing Northern League party, revealed he was ill on Twitter. He previously argued […] More

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    Neil deGrasse Tyson cleared in misconduct probe, will return to TV

    According to a report by the Associated Press, the investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by Neil deGrasse Tyson has ended and both of his TV shows will return to television. The National Geographic Channel said in a statement Friday that Tyson’s “StarTalk” will return to the air in April with the 13 episodes that remain […] More

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    How Indiana tried to define Pi as 3.2 – and almost succeeded

    Ah yes, Indiana. My home state. The state where I was born, grew up, and have lived all 35 years of my life. With exception of Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, the Chicago area, and a pocket near Bloomington (where Indiana University is located), the state is very much pro-Trump. After all, our state legislature tried to let […] More

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    Brooklyn Diocese says SNL needs to apologize for ‘harassment’ by Pete Davidson

    Over the weekend, Pete Davidson said what I think is probably one of the most true (the truthiest?) things that’s ever been said on late-night television. In the “Weekend Update” segment of Saturday Night Live, Davidson appeared (as himself) and discussed the litany of sexual abuse charges facing rapper R Kelly. As we posted about yesterday, […] More

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