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    How soon will we have to ration hospital care for Covid-19 patients?

    (This originally appeared as a Facebook post I made, then a Twitter thread, but I decided to copy it here with some slight edits to make it easier to share and include some references.) Indiana not only had (another) record for daily new Covid-19 cases yesterday, but we also have a record amount of people hospitalized. […] More

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    Church leader who blamed COVID-19 on same-sex marriage gets sick with COVID-19

    A Ukrainian church leader who said that the COVID-19 pandemic is a result of the “sinfulness of humanity”, including same-sex marriage, has since contracted the virus himself. I can only assume that he’s been doing a lot of really fun gay stuff. As Daniel Villarreal wrote for NBC News: Patriarch Filaret, 91, who leads the large […] More

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    Alex Jones wants you know that he will ‘eat your ass’

    In a really weird rant, InfoWars host Alex Jones said that he will eat your ass. Alex Jones said that he will eat your ass — Dan Broadbent (@aSciEnthusiast) May 1, 2020 He could at least offer to buy you dinner first. Get our ‘Everything is a chemical’ shirt, only available in our store! More

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    Armed protesters without PPE storm Michigan’s Capitol building

    Yet again, a bunch of idiots are protesting Michigan’s stay-at-home order by showing up and yelling at politicians who are listening to scientists and public health officials. The theme of the protest appears to be “I don’t know,” as one of the speakers asks the seemingly rhetorical question “how did they get 6 feet?”, only […] More

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    Most anti-vaccine ads on Facebook are paid for by 2 organizations

    According to a new study in the journal Vaccine, the majority of anti-vaccine advertisements on Facebook were paid for by just two organizations. The same study found that pro-vaccine advertisements were funded by 83 unique organizations. The authors of the study explained: In 2018, Facebook introduced Ad Archive as a platform to improve transparency in […] More

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    Antifa isn’t the problem. People like Andy Ngo are the problem.

    Last weekend, protesters claiming to belong to Antifa and the “Proud Boys” clashed in the streets of Portland, as well as on the internet. The images from the streets of Portland seem to tell a story of violence from the far-left group, so much so that Trump has referred to Antifa as a “terrorist group.” […] More

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