Be a guest blogger for A Science Enthusiast!

I’m always looking to give unique opinions and ideas a platform to share them. If you have an idea, a writing, or even a clever graphic, I want to know about it! 

You can submit your ideas at

What I’m looking for in submitted content:

  1. Something unique.  Offer your own perspective on things.  What makes your take on the concept different from other people’s views?
  2. A summary of your post (if already completed), or an outline of what you’re wanting to do.
  3. Citations! Cite your source. Always! I utilize inline URL links as citations on my site.  This means direct, relevant links to the actual source being referred to.
  4. A bio about yourself to be included on the post and on your “author” page hosted on the site.
  5. At least one image to be used in the “preview” links on social media.  More graphics interspersed within the content is encouraged.

If you don’t have a completed work already, you can pitch your idea directly to me, or you could also ask for help in the group, The Science Enthusiasts. Once you’re ready to write it, you can do so directly on this site (I use WordPress- it’s very easy to use). If you’d like to share your progress and collaborate with others, I would suggest using Google Docs. Google Docs allows you to save your work online and (very) easily share your work with others using a website link. You can even allow others to post comments directly on the document to help. 

You will receive full credit for your work. The post will include a statement explaining that it is a guest blog. You will also be able to promote your own website, Facebook page, Twitter page, et cetera in your post either using direct links or a WordPress plugin. currently receives about 30,000 page views a month. This gives you an excellent platform to share your ideas! In addition, your post will be shared to the Facebook page (over 20,000 followers) as well as in the discussion group (The Science Enthusiasts).