Alex Jones Roasted For Saying Democrats Will Start A Civil War July 4th

There is seemingly no end to the insanity that is Alex Jones.

He’s said a lot of crazy things. Perhaps most famously, this whole weird thing about putting chemicals in the water that make the freaking frogs gay:

What many people don’t realize though, is like any good pseudoscience, it started out with an ounce of truth. There is a pesticide called atrazine that can turn male frogs into females. But the truth behind it is much more nuanced and significantly different than the reality people like Alex Jones are trying to create.

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But even the remixes of Jones have their own remixes:

You can easily go down a YouTube rabbit hole of Alex Jones memes. I highly suggest it if you’re looking to waste the rest of your night.

But more recently, Jones took to Twitter to reveal a secret plot that liberals have all been hiding for months, if not years: that the Civil War 2.0 will start on July 4th.

The rambling video includes a variety of claims, from the “establishment” (who? we don’t really know) to “globalists” trying to remove Trump from office. Somehow, Michael Moore is involved. Also, Russia is powerful and great and has a lot of money. It culminates to the real purpose of his video: having a “2nd American Revolution Fourth Of July Super Sale” of his supplements.

These supplements have been the topic of a lot of criticism, namely because they don’t work, but also because they contain things like “lead.” While I’m not a doctor, I’m told “lead” is “bad.” This has been the subject of a thorough debunking by none other than John Oliver:

Conspiracy theorists want attention. And Jones definitely got it for saying that liberals would be attempting a coup on the 4th:

You can check out more #SecondCivilWarLetters on twitter.

h/t WokeSloth

Written by Dan Broadbent

Science Enthusiast. Atheist. Lover of cats.




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