‘Food Babe’ is *really* upset that Costco isn’t going to sell her new book

Vani Hari, better known as ‘Food Babe‘, posted a live video earlier this week complaining that Costco wouldn’t be carrying her new book, which is perfectly titled Feeding You LiesI say it’s perfect because I can only assume it’s an autobiography where she explains how she built her empire though lies and misinformation.

She starts out the video saying that a retailer (whose name shall not be mentioned) has refused to sell her book.

Hari asks what this retailer is afraid of. She notes that her other book, The Food Babe Way, sold a lot of copies and “sold the most copies of any book the week that it came out. It was #1 on the Wall Street Journal book seller’s list, #4 on the New York Times’ best sellers list when it came out.” She asks “What is really going on?”, specifically when stores like Walmart, Target, Barnes and Noble, and Books a Million (wait, they still exist?!?) all will be selling the book.

The big reveal

After what feels like an excessive amount of exposition where she stopped short of mentioning the retailer’s name, she eventually confirms it’s Costco.

Hari highlights that Costco sells a considerable amount of organic-branded products, which is true, and adds to her confusion regarding the decision to not sell the book.

And the reason?

A conspiracy.

Because of course it’s a conspiracy. Despite pointing out that Costco is a top seller of organic-branded food products (which I thought was one of Hari’s goals?), Hari speculates that Costco is part of a conspiracy to prevent her from getting her message out about the food industry.

“The more people that deny getting this book out into the retail stores and other places, really is a strong indicator to me that I need to work even harder, and I’m going to have to count on you guys to get this message out for me,” she said.

Hari explains that the people who shop at Target, Walmart, and Costco are the people who really need to hear her message, which is why she opted to not self-publish her book. These people, to her, are the ones who are un-woke, and Hari will help make them woke.

Except then she says that she also shops at these stores. So perhaps she’s so woke that she’s horseshoe’d around and is now un-woke, so she needs her book to be in Costco for her to help herself become woke again. I guess?

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She continues on, suggesting that there’s some sort of grand conspiracy to keep people sick, that the food industry in the United States is holding people’s health hostage, and other fear-based conspiracy theories that sound rather Trumpian in nature the more I think about it.

Hari goes on to explain that she would have been afraid to call out Costco like this when her first book dropped, but now she’s not afraid. She said that “they” (who are “they” anyway?) couldn’t take down her message, so “they” went after her. Maybe she’s referring to people like me who made parody memes in response to her nonsense? Or perhaps she thinks that SciBabe’s article The Food Babe Blogger is Full of Shit was part of a deep (and entirely fact-based) conspiracy to take her down? We’ll probably never know.

All I know is that I sincerely hope Vani wasn’t intimidated by the bold text I put in my parody memes. I know how serious bold text can be.

But then Vani’s live video gets weird. Vani begins crying when she says “I have your back, and I know you guys have my back.” I guess the next time I do a live video, I should start crying in hopes that more of you send me money, uh, I mean order more merch?

The best part of it is as she’s begging people to pre-order, countless people are commenting to say that they’ve pre-ordered the book.

(Please buy some stuff from us, we’re planning on replacing the carpet in our house with wood floors this spring – so it’s imperative that you all buy things from me so we can get nicer floors.)

I would feel sorry for her and empathize if she wasn’t completely full of shit. But, you know, she’s completely full of shit.

Here’s her live video:

Some unsolicited technical feedback for Hari: I was impressed that not only was the live video in portrait mode (a $20 webcam would have resolved that), but also the entire video was backwards. I flipped it for the cover image to make it easier to read.

The fact is that Vani made a living for herself through the promotion of chemophobia – promoting fear of chemicals. Which is partly why we made a shirt that says “Everything is a chemical” on it, because yes, everything you’ve ever eaten is comprised of chemicals. As with anything, the dose makes the poison, since even water can kill you.

h/t SciBabe

Look, I’m not in the business of telling you what to do or think. But this is the same person who said that “if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it.” So, you know, consider the source.

And avoid Quinoa. No matter how you pronounce it, you’re wrong, and it’s disgusting.

Written by Dan Broadbent

Science Enthusiast. Atheist. Lover of cats.




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