June 22, 2018

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    Humans might have started kissing because we wanted to share chewed up food

    You can finally thank a scientist for potentially ruining your love life. Or, more specifically, a philematologist, a scientist who studies philematology, or what we common folk refer to as “kissing.” I guess “philematologist” sounds better than saying “scientist who studies kissing.” (No, your experience on porn sites does not make you a scientist in […] More

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    Fisher-Price announces their new product: ‘My First Prison Camp’

    EAST AURORA, NY – Global toy company Fisher-Price announced today that they have created a new product that they’re creatively calling “My First Prison Camp.” The miniature internment camp comes in three colors: Cream, Espresso, and Cool Gray. Its features include indoor/outdoor versatility, as it has reversible legs that have the option of adding stakes […] More

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