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  • Monsanto GMO vs Whole Foods

    Whole Foods’ Sales vs. Monsanto’s Sales

    I made this graphic after reading quite a few comments where I saw people saying all Monsanto wants is money.  While I have no affiliations to Monsanto, they seem to be the perennial favorite to villainize.  Isn’t the goal of all companies to make money?  A company’s whose goal is to not make money is […] More

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    Chipotle Has Officially Gone Full Anti-Science

    Chipotle announced that they’re getting rid of all GM food on their menu.  If you check out their cute little explanation as to why, the observant reader will quickly identify some major pseudoscientific claims. Chiptole’s reasons are: Scientists haven’t proven GM food safe (they have) GM food damages the environment (they don’t) “Chipotle should be […] More

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    Addressing the ‘Monsanto Shill Syndrome’

    Addressing the ‘Monsanto Shill Syndrome’ MONSANTO! MONSANTO! MONSANTO! The name alone strikes fear into the hearts of kale enthusiasts everywhere. The anti-GMO movement (we’ll call it the anti-science movement, because that’s what it is) is certainly the minority, but they’re a loud minority. Anti-science’s official arch-enemy is Monsanto, but if you want to see how […] More

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    The Real Food Babe Way!

    If you haven’t already heard, Vani Hari has claimed victory against Kraft regarding food dyes. A great “win” for her and the “Food Babe Army” for certain.  She used the powers of spreading “facts” and public outcry to change the world!         The thousands of letters I have received from parents whose […] More

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