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  • Zen-Honeycutt-Molecular-Hydrogen-H2
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    Zen and the Art of Molecular Hydrogen

    Enthusiasts, I have terrifying news. Did you know that inflammation is the leading cause of all illnesses, including cancer and mental health concerns? One out of two children in the United States have a chronic health diagnosis because of inflammation, and inflammation can even lead to school shootings! But what if I told you that […] More

  • ostracod-bioluminescence

    Cardinal fish spitting out an ostracod

    While it looks like this fish is just spitting out fluid, it’s actually spitting out a small creature called an ostracod. While the cardinal fish in the image above normally eats plankton, sometimes it happens to try to eat the tiny shrimp. When this happens, the ostracod creates luciferin (similar to what fireflies use to […] More

  • Food Babe, Thin Mints
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    Girls Scout Cookies are Delicious

      (Full-size image link) Vani has continued to try to bully other companies, such as In-N-Out Burgers. Sources: Organic farmers can use Copper Sulfate on their crops, shown to cause liver disease HFCS is no more dangerous than table sugar Gluten makes your dick fly off Synthetic vitamins are the same as naturally occurring vitamins […] More

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    I’ve done my “research!” | The Dunning-Kruger effect

    (Full size image) I’ve done my “research!” | The Dunning-Kruger effect There are numerous reasons to love the internet. Having the entire volume of human knowledge available in your pocket 24 hours a day is something we take for granted. This capability truly is a double-edged sword though, as there are just as many great resources […] More

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