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    Japan to Resume Commercial Whaling in Defiance of International Ban

    In the coming weeks and months, an international argument over whale hunting may heat back up. According to The New York Times, Japan’s government has signaled that it will officially withdraw itself from an international coalition, effectively resuming the practice of commercial whaling. Yoshihide Suga, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, said the country would leave the International Whaling Commission, […] More

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    Scientists at Kent University recreated dinosaur DNA structure

    You read the headline correctly: using modern-day birds and turtles, along with a bit of math, scientists at Kent University recreated the DNA structure of dinosaurs that lived millions and millions of years ago. In a study published in Nature, the team of scientists explained how they used the closest modern-day relatives of dinosaurs, which […] More

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    Rhino poachers sneak onto nature preserve, get eaten by lions

    There are only 20,00 African Lions left in the wild currently, having been impacted by loss of habitat, and poachers. Although they have no natural predators, their numbers have diminished by 40% just within the last three generations. That sounds scary, but it’s nothing like the Northern White Rhino. The last male Northern White Rhino […] More

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    Humans might have started kissing because we wanted to share chewed up food

    You can finally thank a scientist for potentially ruining your love life. Or, more specifically, a philematologist, a scientist who studies philematology, or what we common folk refer to as “kissing.” I guess “philematologist” sounds better than saying “scientist who studies kissing.” (No, your experience on porn sites does not make you a scientist in […] More

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