Yada, Yada, Yada, And His Detox Plan Will Kill You


Yada, Yada, Yada, His Detox Plan Will Kill You

Around the beginning of March, I came across a Facebook post by a gentleman who willingly chooses to refer to himself as “YADA” shared to the group Things Woonatics Say. It was a video that went pretty viral, so I felt like I had to do a video response to it.  I also posted it on YouTube, which evidently got shared around somewhere, as the comment section on YouTube is a minefield of nonsense.

Essentially, YADA’s message is that all hybrid food is bad (it’s not), salt is horrible for your body (it isn’t, in moderation), GMOs will kill you (they won’t), and that you should alkaline your body (if you alkaline your body, you will die). Basically, if it’s not “natural,” then it’s bad for you.

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His videos/posts range from demonizing biotech to trying to convince women that menstruation is not natural, and that if you go on a diet, you can rid yourself of this evil.

The video really makes this come together.

And he’s actually not totally wrong about this! YADA gives you some free advice about what to do if you’re serious about stopping your periods, ladies:

I wish I was making this up- link.

He’s completely correct here! If you eat only grapes and cherries for two months, you will absolutely lose weight and your menstrual cycles will probably stop! That’s because you’re starving yourself and your body is shutting itself down. It’s absolutely an effective way to stop your period, and I’m not a doctor, but you probably don’t want to starve yourself to death. Or maybe you do. Whatever. I’m not your dad.

YADA also has thoughts about morning sickness. Ladies, you basically are screwing up every chance you get. You need to let your toxins leech from your vagina (his words).

Yada-Morning-SicknessI’ve been exceptionally critical of his claims since he came to my attention. I made a post earlier today highlighting his hypocrisy, and one of the comments I made seemed to snag his attention: YADA-PostIt’s true! I did email him. It was a fun conversation. More on that later.

On both my YouTube post and on YADA’s post about me, the cries of racism were nearly immediate. It’s not the first time I’ve been called a racist. I’m not racist. If anything, I’ve been called a white apologist.

YADA’s race was something that I never addressed. Hell, I didn’t even know what a hotep was until after I posted the video and people commented using that word.  But instead of addressing the actual criticism being offered, it seems that the race card was the most popular refutation to my critique.

My friend Kavin had a very eloquent comment on YADA’s post about me (which YADA deleted):YADA-Kavin-CommentYADA is not empowering you, he is not doing anything good for you, and he does not give a fuck about you. If he did, he wouldn’t be trying to kill you with his “detox” plan.

But YADA is an equal opportunity eating disorder enthusiast. In a video he posted today, he claims to have gained fifteen pounds in the past week from eating nothing but pizza, resulting in his face breaking out and him sweating all the time.

This isn’t hard math to figure out. The average male is 5′ 10″ tall and weighs 195 pounds, which calculates to a BMR of roughly 2000 calories a day (for a 25 year old). To gain one pound of weight, you need to eat about 3500 calories. So YADA is claiming that he gained 2.14 pounds per day for a week. In order to do that, he would have to consume 7500 calories more than his BMR, bringing his daily caloric intake to just under 10,000 calories a day. I’m not saying he’s lying about eating that many calories a day for a week, but no shit you’re going to feel like garbage after you eat more than a month’s worth of calories in just one week (and also, he’s fucking lying).

If you’re not held accountable for your claims, it allows you to bend the truth to the point that eventually it meets itself coming the other way.

He does all this in order to try to sell his “detox.” Anyone with the slightest shred of scientific literacy knows that detoxes are bullshit, but scam artists make their living by sounding credible and tricking people into believing them. When YADA’s page exploded after his viral video, he was inundated with messages to the point that he offered up an email address to contact him to try to buy his “detox” plan.

If you don’t know the legal first name of someone, why in the hell would you trust that they have your best interest in mind? There’s a reason he’s hiding behind his persona and not identifying himself publicly: he knows what he’s doing isn’t exactly legal.

Yada-emailSo of course I had to email him. I mean, what if he is actually on to something and knows something that the rest of us don’t? I had to find out (using a throwaway email address, of course).

These are excerpts from my conversation with him. I laid it on a bit thick in the beginning.

Yada-email-1“Major medical issues” or “total body cleanse.” What could be the difference? But what’s important is that it costs $185.

Yada-email-2He seems to not be so good at organization.

Yada-email-3Another reminder of the cost. It’s the most important part, after all! Without the $185, how will the detox “work” in the first place?!?! This package from YADA would surely be the most expensive Ziploc bag ever.

Yada-email-4Evidently, the detox doesn’t come with punctuation.

From their native lands!! Thankfully YADA bit the bullet for us plebs and experimented on himself! I wonder what peer reviewed journal he’s published his findings in?

I baited him a little in the next email, and YADA did not disappoint.

Yada-email-5Still ignoring basic rules of grammar (a staple of any detox expert I imagine), I get the perfect response about microwaves. Thank you, YADA. I literally lol’d when I read your response.


I thought it was funny to intentionally misspell the word “careful.” You can tell he’s getting a bit bored of me at this point, though.Yada-email-7So “with all do respect,” he says that I can do my own research of the herbs that he has failed to disclose It seems to me like he’s making claims of being able to cure “major medical issues” with his “herbs and roots.”

YADA’s claims are completely unfounded and have no clinical evidence to support them. Since he’s profiting off of making false health claims, I encourage you to file a report with the FDA about YADA.

Despite YADA banning nearly every dissenter on his post, he managed to leave this comment up. David Ketterman has survived, and deserves some sort of award.


Written by Dan Broadbent

Science Enthusiast. Atheist. Lover of cats.




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