Conservative Christian Commentator says NZ Massacre Was a ‘False Flag’ to Justify Attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka

Last night on the hit show “The MC Files”, conservative christian commentator Chris McDonald said that the murder of 50 Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand was a “false flag” in order to justify the attacks in Sri Lanka that left over 320 Christians dead.

If this sounds a lot like Alex Jones-style nonsense, that’s because it is.

On his show, McDonald said: “Look, we’re not trying to attack a religion, but look, at some point, you know, you gotta call a spade a spade, you gotta call an ace an ace. You gotta call it what it is.”

“Look, Christians don’t go around doing this mess. I’m sorry, you don’t have true Christians – I’m not talking about the fake, right-wing, extreme part of Christianity that’s really not true Christian, they just call themselves that, they’re really of the devil.” 

That’s a No True Scotsman fallacy if I’ve ever seen it. The alleged Christchurch shooter self-identifies as a white supremacist, in addition to aligning himself with Christianity.

Essentially he’s saying that no “true Christian” would kill another person.

Maybe he forgot about that whole “Crusades” thing?

Or the countless attacks against abortion clinics and doctors?

I don’t know. Thankfully, I’m not in McDonald’s head, so I don’t have to worry about the torturous living nightmare that must be his day-to-day thoughts.

McDonald continued: “That whole thing at Christchurch was nothing but a set-up… There were too many false flags in this to believe that this was not nothing but a planned attack to make Christianity look bad and it set the stage for what happened Sunday.”

Christians like McDonald do enough on a daily basis to make Christianity look bad.

McDonald says ‘no true Christian’ would commit a mass murder, and seconds later says that “Islamic jihadist terrorists” who are the ones that commit terrorist attacks. The irony is lost on him, because one could very easily flip the script and blame extremist Christians for terrorist attacks while saying that jihadists aren’t “true Muslims.” One of the many, many problems with religion is that there are extremists do truly horrible things in the name of their religion – Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or otherwise. To quote Hitch – religion poisons everything.

You can watch the full episode of McDonald’s show below. As of this post, it has a whopping 250 views.

via Right Wing Watch

cover image via YouTube screengrab

Written by Dan Broadbent

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