Doctors are just shills for Big Pharma!

Gotta make that $62.70 somewhere...

It seems that the linchpin of the anti-vaccine argument is always that doctors can’t be trusted, because they’re in bed with “Big Pharma.”

Looking at some basic information, we can try to see precisely how much each one of these doctors makes from Big Pharma by “forcing” vaccines on our kids.

  1. There are about 319 million people in the US.
  2. Of those 319 million, about 1 in 8 are working in the healthcare industry.
  3. “Big Pharma” makes about $2.5 billion in true profit off of vaccines each year (thanks to Skeptical Raptor!)


So logically, if doctors were shilling for Big Pharma, Big Pharma would have to share their profits with the doctors.

The math works out to be about $60 per person, per year.

That’s not a number I’d be willing to risk my entire career and reputation for.

Gotta make that $62.70 somewhere…

Special thanks to The SkepDick for the help on the Scrooge McDuck graphic.

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Written by Dan Broadbent

Science Enthusiast. Atheist. Lover of cats.




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