20+ of the best memes that mock anti-vaxxers

Anti-vaxxers are, quite literally, the worst. I’m trying so hard as I get older to not be so judgmental. Good people can disagree in good faith about almost any topic — taxes, war, religion, whatever — and I am trying to keep that in mind when I find people who disagree with me online. But anti-vaxxers test my patience beyond any efforts I make to be a better person.

I can’t see a completely and totally preventable measles outbreak in this country and not get more than a little peeved at anti-vaxxers. All of us are here as evidence of the efficacy and logic behind herd immunity. It’s, I guess, kind of hilarious in an ironic way that we’ve done such a good job eradicating some of the diseases that threaten our existence that people feel safe enough to pretend they can’t come back, but it’s not really “funny” to think of babies dying of polio, is it?

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I can’t give them the benefit of the doubt for being otherwise intelligent when they to this very day cling to the fully and utterly debunked notion that vaccines cause — or even related — to autism. The ones that don’t believe in the autism-vaccine link don’t get a pass either, by the way. There is literally no compelling argument to not vaccinating yourself or, more importantly, your children.

As we point out every single damn time we talk about vaccines — THERE IS NO LINK BETWEEN VACCINATION AND AUTISM. The fact, as Dan reported earlier, one of the parents at the center of the current measles outbreak admitted that he didn’t vaccinate one of the children that started the outbreak over autism concerns demonstrates completely perfectly why anti-vaxxerism is so dangerous.

With all this in mind, one of our best weapons against the onslaught of anti-vaxx propaganda are good ol’ fashioned memes. This happens to be one of the few topics that could even unite a fractured political scene in America. There are enclaves of idiotic anti-vaxxer thought on both the left and the right. The lefty anti-vaxxers are concerned about autism and other non-scientific nonsense, and the ones on the right doesn’t want no government tellin’ ’em they have to vaccinate their cousin-children!

Luckily for us, in both cases, rational and sane people still greatly outnumber the idiots in their ranks. Maybe if Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals, team up and eviscerate the anti-vaxxers in their ranks, we might see more of a spirit of cooperation on things like climate change and gun control.

Ha! Just kidding, everything else will still be a dumpster fire, but here are 21 memes we can all use in our united struggle against the bold faced inanity of anti-vaxxers.






















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