Kerri Rivera’s Upcoming Appearance at the AutismOne Conference

Kerri Rivera is a “Bishop” in the Master Mineral Solution (MMS), Genesis II “Church” (okay, so it’s a cult).  The “church with no religion” is ran by Jim Humbles, who claims to be able to cure a myriad of diseases (including cancer, malaria, Ebola and AIDS).  Jim was recently banned from speaking at an alternative health conference in the UK (when woonatics think you’re too crazy for them, it’s time to re-evaluate your position).

Kerri and Jim believe that through giving children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) bleach enemas (chlorine dioxide, or “CD”), having them drink CD, and having them soak in CD, that ASD can be “cured” by eliminating “parasites.” They believe that children have “ropeworms” that cause ASD.  This has been thoroughly disproved (the “ropeworms are actually the intestinal lining coming out of the children).  There are also multiple studies that found exposure to CD is generally not a good thing for human health.  ASD is absolutely a neurological disorder, not a viral disorder.

For about $110, you can have a one-hour consultation with Kerri herself, provided your PayPal is verified.

"Ropeworms" from a "sucessful" CD treatment. It's actually a child's intestinal lining.
“Ropeworms” from a “sucessful” CD treatment. It’s actually a child’s intestinal lining.

Kerri Rivera’s Background

When making this post, I wanted to give Kerri her proper biography.  Her medical training/experience, her research experience, and everything.  Here’s what I was able to find:

Kerri graduated from the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy in 2013.  If you visit the “school’s” website, you’ll see they proudly proclaim “see what Dr. Oz says about Homeopathy!” and about how you can “learn homeopathy in just one weekend a month!”  Oh boy.

Kerri founded the Autismo2 – Hyperbaric Clinic, which is a “Biomed-based Autism Clinic in Latin America.”

Kerri claims to have “cured” anywhere between 20 and 120 children (depending on the website you see) that have ASD.  Kerri’s website relies heavily on “testimonials,” and the link on her site actually just links you to her book on (not exactly the epitome of medical/scientific opinion).  Feel free to go leave your own “testimonial.”

However, that’s about the extent of Kerri’s background that you’ll find.  She has no accreditations, no role in any actual research, nothing.  It begs the question: If you’re so certain that this is safe and works, why all the secrecy?

So, it’s bullshit.

If, by some strange mechanism, Kerri and Jim were correct, why wouldn’t they share their results with legitimate medical professionals?  Isn’t this how science/medicine works? You find out what the root cause is, then share your results so they can be replicated by everyone? Wouldn’t you then take the “parasites” to a pathologist, have them analyze/identify the organism, and see if there is a less toxic means to eradicate it?

And if this was an effective treatment, why would they want to hide their results (how selfish of them then, knowing they have a cure for ASD but refusing to share it with the rest of the world).

What can you do?

Kerri will be speaking at a AutismOne Conference at the Loews Chicago O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois. The hotel’s phone number is 847.544.5300.

If you do decide to call them to advise what exactly will be going on in their hotel, and how it’s dangerous (potentially deadly) to children, be sure you are calm, polite, and stick to the facts. Unfortunately, this is not the first time the hotel has hosted the conference, so it is likely they’re already aware of the concern.

The conference’s website:

Additionally, you can sign the petition to stop Kerri Rivera from speaking at the AutismOne Conference.

There’s a few Facebook groups that are posting information to fight MMS “therapy,” and my personal favorite is: The fight against chlorine dioxide as an autism ‘cure’

Here’s an investigative report where individuals went undercover in Ireland to get more information about the cult.

Updated: 4/27/15

Written by Dan Broadbent

Science Enthusiast. Atheist. Lover of cats.




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