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Science Enthusiast Podcast 010 – Fiona O’Leary, ‘Vaxxed’, and Autism Advocacy

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Science Enthusiast Podcast 010 – Fiona O’Leary, ‘Vaxxed’, and Autism Advocacy

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Episode 010 with hosts Natalie Newell (Skeptical Parenting) and Dan Broadbent (A Science Enthusiast):

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Disclaimer: We made it to ten episodes. Thank you!

Sponsor: David Wolfe’s commercial for a “portable essential oil diffuser” looks less like aromatherapy and more like a crack pipe. (It’s also tacitly encouraging kids to vape, as the manufacturer says there is no age limit on their product. Good job, David)

God of the week: Morpheus! The dude who is responsible for those “went to work naked” dreams. Or maybe you go to work naked anyway. We’re not here to judge.

Topic: The makers of ‘Vaxxed’ have sent a threatening letter to Fiona O’Leary of Autsitic Rights Together (ART). ART is an Autism advocacy organization, empowering those with autism and helping curb the negative stigma associated with Autism. As an individual with Autism herself, Wakefield and others from ‘Vaxxed’ have continuously targeted Fiona to try to harass her into silence. Most recently, they sent her a letter threatening litigation if she so much as mentioned Wakefield’s or the movie’s name. We talked to Fiona about her personal experiences with Autism, her organization, her background with Wakefield, the threat, and Autism in general.

Article referenced during the interview: The murder of Alex Spourdalakis

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Why we love the Internet: Texts From Your Existentialist

Examples: here, here, here, here, here, and here

Quote of the Week: The correct statement of individual rights is that everyone has the right to an opinion, but crucially, that opinion can be roundly ignored and even made fun of, particularly if it is demonstrably nonsense! – Prof. Brian Cox

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Written by Dan Broadbent

Science Enthusiast. Atheist. Lover of cats.




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