Jim Carrey: still talking out of his ass 21 years later.


Jim Carrey: still talking out of his ass 21 years after Ace Ventura.

(This is a guest post, created by Michael LaMastra, posted with his permission)

At first, I thought Jim Carrey was just anti-vaccine to get into Jenny McCarthy’s pants, but I guess he’s just dumb (and dumber).


Democracy at its finest

Oh how fascist it is to take away an illegal loophole that allowed kids into taxpayer funded public schools built, run, and regulated by our government without vaccinating for “personal” and “religious” reasons! Let’s forget about how our Declaration of Independence lists the “unalienable right” to life which is to trump all other rights. Allowing unvaccinated children into public schools without vaccination except for legitimate medical reasons is endangering the health, safety, wellbeing, and life of other children unnecessarily and quite intentionally; it is forcing kids to be exposed to dangerous diseases without their consent or even knowledge.

Forget about how our Constitution states before the first Article that the government must “promote the general welfare” and thus has a responsibility and requirement to ensure the safety and uphold the “unalienable right” to life to the best of their ability.

Forget about how in 1905 the US Supreme Court found that mandatory vaccination was completely Constitutional. Not to mention that the decision came from proposing a bill, having the elected members of the California congress vote on it, and then having it ratified by the elected governor.

Further, this bill was supported by the masses as they have had enough after the Disneyland Measles outbreak. The fact is that as many as 97% of the parents in California vaccinate and support this law as their children are already vaccinated and are endangered by those that don’t through irresponsibility. I’d say that the decision was the very definition of democracy.

A personal appeal

The personal exemption doesn’t deserve any kind of addressing because that means you can get exempted for any reason you see fit and there is no reason to have vaccination requirements as such, but the religious exemption deserves addressing as you do have the freedom of religion.

First, Freedom of religion is trumped by the “unalienable right” to life and exists so long as it does not harm others through the expression of your freedom of religion. For example, you do not get to do ritual sacrifice in spite of what your religious beliefs are. Another example, in certain religions it is legal to beat or kill your wife for back talking but in the US, this is not legal in spite of the freedom of religion.

Second, if you truly live your life according to religious dogmatic law and are truly not vaccinating because of that religious law, then you would know that religious law dictates that you must send your child to get a religious education if it is at all possible and private schools do not apply to this law as the government cannot regulate private schools. If that’s the case, why are you sending your child to public school? The reason is because you aren’t not-vaccinating for religious reasons, but for personal ones, and you are just using religion as a crutch to help you get your way. If you cared so much about religion, then there is no way in hell that you would ever even consider sending your child to a public school because they teach things like evolution and are not allowed to teach religion.

The Consent Gambit

People complain about informed consent being violated. Well first, no one is forcing you to go to public school there still is informed consent. Second, it’s not “misinformed consent” or “uninformed consent” which is what the anti-vaccine parents are using. Anti-vaccine parents listen to Jenny McCarthy because she happens to be wearing clothes at the time, then they go on YouTube or Google and do searches for “vaccine toxic” or “vaccine damage” or “vaccine poison” and then cherry-pick out only those conspiracy theory opinion blogs that conform to their preconceived conclusions and delusional beliefs (sometimes that “they” are out to get them).

The fact is that there is no conspiracy anymore than there is an actual debate in the scientific and medical community. It is accepted as fact by every scientist, doctor, researcher, and health organization that vaccines are both incredibly safe and even more effective. To listen to Jenny McCarthy and then tell your doctor that they know nothing about medicine is the same level of arrogance as getting into a plane and then telling the pilot mid-flight that you will be landing because your hour a week playing flight simulator video games makes you more of an expert than every pilot on the planet.

You are not forced to go to taxpayer funded public schools. There is homeschooling, private school, boarding school, moving out of state, and moving out of country just to name a few other options. If vaccines were “forced” as the anti-vaccine crowd would have you believe, then the government would leave you no other options; that’s what “forced” means. Forcing would be coming to people’s houses, knocking down the doors, holding the parents and kids down, and vaccinating the kids; this is as far as is possible from what is actually happening. If you choose to send your kid to public school, which is funded by taxpayer money and therefore the government can and does regulate it, then your child must be vaccinated unless medically exempt.

The government can and does regulate that which is built, run, and regulated by them and funded by taxpayer money.

Should we allow drunken driving which in many ways endangers far less lives then being unvaccinated? If you choose to drive, then you must follow the laws for driving and be sober. You can drive all day long and as often as you want on private roads that you own but as soon as you get onto a public road funded by taxpayer money, you must follow the law.

The government is responsible for regulating taxpayer funded public areas to “promote the general welfare” such as traffic laws and drunk driving laws on taxpayer funded public roads. The government has made it illegal to take a gun into a public school in spite of your Second Amendment right to bear arms, is anyone against that?

California’s new law signed in by the governor is not forcing anyone to vaccinate, it is perfectly legal, and it is actually the responsibility of the government to take away the nonsense and illegal loophole that allowed people to endanger other children’s lives without their parents knowledge or consent.

If you don’t want to vaccinate, fine; but we do not have to allow your petri dish of a child to endanger the lives of the other children.

It’s that simple.

This post was originally written by a member of the Science Enthusiast Army, Michael LaMastra.  Michael runs the Facebook group The Anti Woo-Tang Clan.  Michael has done research on the Genomic Profiles of HPV-16 Positive and Negative Cancer of the Head and Neck with the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.  Michael has an MS in Interdisciplinary Natural Science with concentration on Biological Sciences from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

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