Anti-vaxxer demands to not be ‘shamed’ – The Internet responds appropriately

Anti-vaxxers are the 8th Wonder of the World to me. They have access to the full body of knowledge humanity possesses in their pocket, yet somehow they think they know more than doctors who have dedicated their lives to medicine. It’s a runaway Dunning-Kruger effect.

The state of Washington is currently dealing with yet another Measles outbreak – in a county where one in four kindergartners aren’t fully vaccinated. Despite a proven track record of being safe and effective, anti-vaxxers are still asking very straightforward questions about how to protect their kids from Measles. And apparently, they’re also still shouting their nonsensical propaganda from the rooftops. Like Twitter user @3peasinmypod, who posted this gem on Monday of this week:

If you vaccinate great, if you don’t vaccinate great. You have your reasons for doing or not doing so. But do NOT shame or scare other parents for their choice.

The first four words were so perfect and she probably should have just called it a day right then and there.

I’ve been doing this ‘skepticism’ thing for over 4 years now. I’m by no means an expert and generally avoid telling people what they should do or think. But for the love of Allah, just vaccinate your damn kids.

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Look, we’ve tried being rational. We’ve tried stating facts. But at the end of the day, being an anti-vaxxer isn’t about facts. If it was about facts, we wouldn’t have anti-vaxxers (or flat earthers or Trump supporters for that matter).

Being against vaccines is an emotional opinion, therefore the arguments against vaccines are rooted in emotions rather than facts. This is why simply stating facts isn’t an effective tool against anti-vaxxers. Much like Trump supporters, they have a tenuous grasp on reality and don’t care to hear anything that conflicts with their already established belief system.

The internet reacts

She’s since locked down her account, but not before some internet #heroes had time to do good deed for the week:

It’s a parent’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their own children, but failing to vaccinate your kids goes beyond infringing on a child’s right to medical care – it also affects the health and safety of every child they have contact with.

Yes! Exactly! Normally I roll my eyes and would discourage a pile on, but “Are vaccines safe?” is one of the simplest answers in the galaxy – right next to “Are gods real?” and “Is the Earth flat?”.





Excellent question.

It’s not how any of this works, indeed.

I love the font choice in the name, and their username is quite appropriate for the subject matter.

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