Season 4 of ‘Rick and Morty’ will contain Interdimensional Cable 3

Fans of Adult Swim’s animated smash hit “Rick and Morty” have been desperate for news of when the show’s fourth season will debut since the end of the third season in 2017.

Since its inception, the show — which is hilariously inspired by Doc and Marty of “Back to the Future” fame — has enjoyed massive success. The show’s impact on pop culture is so large that McDonald’s even temporarily brought back a special Szechuan dipping sauce for the chicken nuggets because of the overwhelming demand from the show’s notoriously rabid fan base. It’s been a long couple of years for them without any solid info on when season four would kickoff.

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Animated productions always take longer than live action ones, but “Rick and Morty” had been in full-swing for three seasons prior, so it’s anyone’s guess why it’s taken quite this long to even get news of when the next season will start. One of the show’s stars and co-creators posted something to Instagram, though, that least confirmed something from the “Rick and Morty” universe (multiverse?) is coming, and he may have even given hardcore fans a tease of the return of one of their favorite of the show’s gags…

Interdimensional cable

For those unfamiliar, the interdimensional cable episodes started in the show’s first season. The general idea is that inventor Rick has created a device that he can attack to ordinary set top cable boxes that lets him watch TV from all over the known and unknown universe. The two interdimensional cable episodes both came during the eighth episode of their respective seasons, and they produced some of the most memorable — if not vulgar, crass, and well, completely and totally awesome — material of the show’s entire run.

Justin Roiland is the guy who voices both Rick and Morty on the show. Roiland is also the guy who helped Dan Harmon create the show. In other words, if anyone knows what’s happening in the world of “Rick and Morty,” it’s Roiland.

So that’s why when he posted this to Instagram, it was noteworthy. With the dearth of available R&M information out there, the fact that he’s posting about doing recording work on something related to it is huge.

The return of the interdimensional cable storylines could be a welcome relief for a lot of fans who felt the third season’s spin on it wasn’t as good. The “Mind Blowers” episode wasn’t as well-received by many ardent fans, and Roiland seems to be teasing that the show’s creators are going back to the interdimensional cable device.

Productions take lots of twists and turns, and things can change. Maybe there’s a Rick and Morty video game on the way. Maybe the idc3 plot line will be scrapped. Who knows? But hey, we’ll take whatever drips and drabs of information we can at this point!

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