Adult Swim FINALLY announces a release date for ‘Rick & Morty’ Season 4

After what’s felt like ages, Adult Swim finally announced the release date for Rick & Morty’s fourth season.

If you recall, earlier this year we projected Season 4’s release date, and estimated it would be somewhere around August or September. As it turns out, we were wrong. It’s even worse than what we had envisioned.

The announcement came in the form of a (rather short) video uploaded to YouTube:

According to Rick: “Everybody, Rick and Morty is back! Brand new season four in November 2019, This year!”

Morty confirms: “Man, I can’t believe we’re back. We’re going to be back, I mean. In 2019… of November.”

Annnnnnd… That’s about it. That’s all they gave us. No April Fool’s day single-episode teaser release. No preview of anything from the season. Nothing.

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To be fair, we know that Interdimensional Cable will have its third installment.

But yeah, that’s about all the details we know. Sorry. Sucks to be us, at least until November.




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