16 Heartwarming Pictures of Freddie Mercury and the Cats He Adored

This week, the 91st Annual Academy Awards aired, and Bohemian Rhapsody, a film about the rise of legendary rock band Queen and their iconic singer Freddie Mercury, won four Oscars. Rami Malek, the man who played Freddie in the film, took home the award for Best Actor.

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Obviously in a film like Bohemian Rhapsody, there will be moments of exaggeration, dramatization, and artistic license. For my money, though, the shot-for-shot reenactment of the historic Live Aid performance in 1985 will remain one of the most impressive feats in cinema for quite some time to come.One thing the film got 100% right was that Freddie absolutely, positively, loved his cats and he showered them with attention that a parent often gives their child.

“Freddie treated the cats like his own children,” he explained in his memoir Mercury and Me. “He would constantly fuss over them, and if any of them came to any harm when Freddie was away, heaven help us. During the day the cats had the run of the house and grounds, and at night one of us would round them up and bring them inside.” (Bored Panda)

Mercury so loved his cats that at the end of his life, as the band was recording their final album, he wrote a song about his most precious cat Delilah.

It also featured an upbeat song, titled Delilah. At first listen, you may believe it’s about a woman – at least until the line about her ‘peeing all over [his] Chippendale Suite.’ The song also features a guitar solo from Brian May with harmonies that sound like meows.

When Freddie past away from pneumonia complications following his battle against AIDS at the age of 45, he left behind his family of felines to be cared for by Mary Austin, his lifetime companion, and Jim Hutton, another boyfriend of Freddie’s.

Thanks to the following pictures, though, Mercury’s love of his cats lives on. As Freddie sang, maybe no one wants to live forever, but these pictures are a testament to the love he had for them.

















h/t Bored Panda

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