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10+ Tweets Blasting Christians™ For Supporting Trump’s Border Wall at Christmas Time

If it’s 2018 and you’re still surprised by American Christendom’s ability to hold super paradoxical beliefs — some would call that “hypocrisy” if they weren’t in the same charitable mood I am — you might not be paying that much attention. It’s no big secret that the Religious Right can be quite hilariously conflicted on issues like being “pro-life” except for the whole “life” part after the fetus is born, or being told by the Bible to be the stewards of all God’s creation but voting for politicians who want to “Drill, Baby, drill!” However, all that pales in comparison to when white evangelicals get their white nationalism on…especially around Christmas time.

Supporting Donald Trump’s Christmastime government shut down over border wall funding is the definition of “Hypocritical Christian.” But taking it to the next level and paying out of your own pocket to donate to the GoFundMe for a border wall is Peak Hypocritical Christian.

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The Nativity is pretty much a story of desperate people looking for a welcoming in a strange land. Christ’s birth — which is the mythology upon which Christians insist we build all our holiday traditions — is literally a parable about being charitable and kind to people when they need it most. Yet, when the president decides his border wall, which would be a testament to the exact opposite meaning of the birth story, is a cause worthy to close the government down over, the Religious right brays like jackasses and cheers their philandering, sexual predator leader. Then they whip out their checkbooks and instead of donating to, oh, I don’t know…a CHURCH that helps refugees in the name of Jesus, they give money to some d-bag’s crowdfunding campaign with no guarantee it’ll actually be used to build the wall anway.

It’d be infuriating if there wasn’t so much eggnog and Christmas legal recreational weed (What? It’s a thing in cool states.) to make it more palatable. Well, that and these awesome tweets that lay down just the right amount of sass and sarcasm.

15. “Shame on all of you.”

14. Even Other Christians Are Like, “Nah, Brah.”

13. Like I said, the Nativity is literally about this stuff…

12. “Buy a damn robot dog for THEMSELVES…”

11. What if Heaven had a border wall and they couldn’t get over it?

10. “Our country is grotesque.”

9. That’s not a Venn. That’s a circle.

8. If Jesus were like Mr. Burns, but you know, a good guy.

7. When you need to wash down your theocratic xenophobia with cheap capitalism.

6. Definitely not the wise ones.

5. What, you think they read those Bible things?

4. We just went over this with the last tweet.

3. Going into debt to own the libs and anger your God.

2. Where’s the lie, though?

1. Yeah, we’re way past that now.

h/t WokeSloth

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