The Mueller Report directly contradicts Attorney General Bill Barr

Well, today’s the day. The redacted version of the Mueller Report is now publicly available on the Department of Justice’s website (with the seemingly innocuous URL

Today started with Attorney General Bill Barr’s press conference about the report that the press had not yet been able to read. It was little more than a campaign speech for Trump and was rather inconsistent with… *gestures broadly at the Mueller Report*

Despite his statements during the presser, Barr failed to mention that there have been multiple convictions directly related to the Mueller Report, and that there are still ongoing investigations, as indicated by the many redacted portions of the report.

If you didn’t watch the press conference this morning, this is all you really need to know:

Two of the things that struck me the most are on Page 288 of the report.

Not founded on anything. Not founded on anything. Not founded on anything.

And if this isn’t the very definition of obstruction, I’m not sure what is:

Others have found similar contradictions of fact.

And here’s a good thread:

We don’t deserve people like Chris Hayes, yet they persist.

Obstruction is the intent to obstruct justice. You don’t prosecute people who are successful at obstructing justice, because they’ve obstructed justice so you generally don’t know that they’ve obstructed justice.

There’s also this part from Trump’s 2016 campaign where Trump encouraged Russia to interfere with the 2016 election:

Then there’s the part where Trump says he’s “fucked.”

Evidence that Trump hires “the best people” –

Kyle Griffin is a great Twitter follow for current events –

As is Rick Wilson –

And of course, religious folk are upset about information being shared, because access to information is how you overcome the lies religion teaches.

I’ll try to update this throughout the day as more information and interpretations come out.

Written by Dan Broadbent

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