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Zen and the Art of Molecular Hydrogen


Enthusiasts, I have terrifying news.

Did you know that inflammation is the leading cause of all illnesses, including cancer and mental health concerns? One out of two children in the United States have a chronic health diagnosis because of inflammation, and inflammation can even lead to school shootings!

But what if I told you that all this could be easily cured?

The remedy? Molecular Hydrogen!

Of course, this is all according to Zen Honeycutt, the founder of Moms Across America.

As Zen explains in the video below:

It’s a gas, and we’re talking about molecular hydrogen, the very small particles, not the big ones that can cause like explosions in blimps and stuff like that, but it’s a very tiny gas.

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Who is Zen Honeycutt?

According to Zen’s website:

Moms Across America is the brainchild of Zen Honeycutt, mother of 3 boys, one of whom had life threatening allergies. That is, until she found out about GMOs and helped her sons to avoid them. Her sons with allergies and autism symptoms that got better when they avoided GMOs and pesticides by eating organic.

Poor grammar aside, it would seem that Zen forgot the part where organic farmers also use pesticides.

Zen is the type of person who just makes shit up as she goes. I mean, if it feels right, then it must be true! Who needs to use facts and evidence? She’s a mom! Everybody knows that birthing a child is the equivalent of getting a master’s degree.

An example of this would be how quickly Zen thinks inflammation has impacted our children’s health. In a 2013 interview, Zen said that one in three children have a chronic disease. Fast forward to just two years later: according to Zen in the video below, one in two children have a chronic disease now! That’s nearly a 150% increase in just two years! Can you imagine? At that rate, about 750% of all children will have a chronic disease in a decade! (I’m channeling Seneff logic here.)

Molecular Hydrogen

To try to make any sense of this, we first need to go back to December 2015, when Zen shared an interview she did with Tyler LeBaron. At the bottom of the website where Zen sells H2, she proudly displays a video by Tyler talking about molecular hydrogen. Despite only having a bachelor’s degree, Tyler is the founder and executive director of the “Molecular Hydrogen Foundation” (MHF), which Zen says is a non-profit organization that seeks to further investigate hydrogen. While MHF’s website does link to numerous studies, many are from the Medical Gas Journal, which doesn’t have an impact factor, and others are initial studies that do not support the claims Zen is making.

Tyler himself posted a video in 2014 where he talks about molecular hydrogen. Perhaps my favorite part is how he uses a lab as a fake backdrop to try to create a sense of legitimacy.

(Edit note: On 1/31/16, Tyler himself contacted me directly. Tyler stated that he is not affiliated with the H2 product Zen sells [which is sold by Robert Slovak via his company, Purative], that MHF does not sell nor endorse any product, and Tyler has requested Zen remove any reference to Tyler/MHF on Zen’s website. Tyler went on to clarify that he does not endorse Zen’s position on a number of things, however Tyler’s own statements appear inconsistent and disingenuous when compared to the statements made on Zen’s video and the weak research posted on his own website. This article originally and incorrectly stated that Tyler was selling the H2 product on Zen’s website.)

The pile of bullshit grows

Around 6:30 in the video, after countless non sequiturs and total nonsense spewed by Zen, we finally get to the real purpose of the video: the sales pitch. Zen has convinced herself that glyphosate not only causes inflammation, but also causes holes to form in your gut (citation needed, Zen). As always, Zen is ignoring that whole “LD50” thing where glyphosate is significantly less toxic than acetaminophen (Tylenol), Rotenone (an organic insecticide/herbicide that has been linked to Parkinson’s), Copper Sulfate (an organic fungicide), or even caffeine (a daily necessity). Then there’s the part where glyphosate does not bioaccumulate, and will pass through your body without changing its chemical composition.

Instead, Zen offers you another product conveniently found in her online shop: Restore. What are the odds?

I don’t think Zen is very smart. Her opinions are not based on evidence, and she does not possess even a basic understanding of chemistry. Zen is crafty though, knows how to sell fear, and for a moderate fee, can supply you with the antidote.

Zen herself, in her own convoluted word salad:
Let me know which quote of hers was her favorite in the comments!

Written by Dan Broadbent

Science Enthusiast. Atheist. Lover of cats.




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