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VIDEO: Lion fighting off 20+ hyenas is 2018’s best nature video

We always think of lions of being the kings and queens of the African savanna, but if there’s anything I learned watching The Lion King as a kid, it’s that hyenas are terrible and their laughs are even worse. And because it was in a Disney movie, I have to assume that this is 100% true. 

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In the BBC Earth clip embedded below, a younger lion who is nicknamed “Red” is exploring the edges of his pride’s territory when he runs into a clan of hyenas. Weighing in at about 400 pounds, one would think that the 100ish pound hyenas wouldn’t stand a chance, but for the hyenas, their strength is in the numbers. With close to two dozen hyenas circling Red, there’s nowhere for him to go. 

Everything about this video is incredible. From the lion in danger – who is eventually rescued by his friend Tatu – to the quality of the video itself and the audio. 

For me, this is hands-down the best nature video I’ve seen in 2018. Kudos to BBC Earth for this amazing clip.


Written by Dan Broadbent

Science Enthusiast. Atheist. Lover of cats.

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