Five DANGEROUS Snacks Your Kids Are Eating

Five DANGEROUS Snacks Your Kids Are Eating

We all want what’s best for our kids. Starting from birth, almost every parent goes through the same series of dilemmas: Breast feed or bottle feed? Cloth diapers or disposable diapers? College prep preschool or home preschool?

But how much time do you spend thinking about what snacks your child is eating?

Here, we will discuss five potentially dangerous snacks:

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1. Toessnack-toe

Kids love toes. Their own toes, a stranger’s toe, it doesn’t matter. But toes aren’t vegan, and this form of autocannibalism is easily stopped by an attentive parent.

Ignoring your child’s preoccupation with their toes as an infant serves as a gateway into larger problems later in life. Your tacit approval can result in your child growing into a Podophile as an adult.

Additionally, allowing your child to play with teddy bears may result in them becoming a furry. Don’t risk it!

Better snack alternative: Thumbs

dirt-snack2. Dirt

Despite being an organic, naturally occurring substance that’s literally been around for over a hundred years, dirt is dangerous! Think about it- it’s not regulated, not labeled, and no safety tests for shelf life have been conducted! If it’s so safe, why don’t they label it?!

Also, the most common infection caused by eating dirt is Toxocariasis, which is caused by a type of roundworm commonly found in the intestines of dogs. Eating dirt is just like eating dog intestines. Yuck!

Better snack alternative: Dirt pudding



3. Wood chips

woodchips_mA staple of almost every landscaping home or commercial landscaping project, wood chips seem to be everywhere in our lives. Not only is this dangerous substance used in landscaping, but it’s also a favorite to use as a surface on playgrounds. It’s astounding that so many parents allow their children to use playgrounds with woodchips, especially when you consider that nearly 30,000 children each year suffer injuries requiring an emergency room visit from playgrounds!

Children love eating wood chips because of the insoluble fiber it contains, which aids in digestion by reducing constipation.

Better snack alternative: Ants on a log

4. Toilet Water

Toilets are a mainstay in almost every home across the US. Studies have shown that toilets often contain high amounts of human urine and feces. Gross!

Pair that with the notion that no matter what you do, fecal matter from your toilet gets spread everywhere. #TheresPooInEverthingYouDo

Also- did you know that animals can get into your home from your toilet? It’s true!

Happy nightmares.

It’s no wonder that we shouldn’t let our kids drink water from the toilet.

Better snack alternative: Tap water

5. Legoslego-snack

The LEGO company is the largest toy manufacturer in the world. This foreign company has had a great deal of growth in recent years, and is valued at nearly $15 billion. Should we be concerned that so many homes in the US have Legos? There are 62 Legos for every human on Earth, with over 2 million more Lego elements being fabricated every hour of the day. There are over 40 billion Lego minifigures that have been created, too. What is this company trying to do? What’s their end game? Why do they need to create so many Lego pieces?

Pair that with the fact that most Legos are made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (can you even pronounce that!?!?!), and it’s no wonder why our kids shouldn’t be eating Legos.

They even label the box to let you know it’s not safe for child consumption!

Better snack alternative: Lego cake

The Point

Outside of any allergies or other individual special needs your child may have, most food you can buy at the store isn’t going to hurt your kids. The dramatization of lists like these that you see elsewhere does nothing but to further confuse and scare the average consumer. What makes matters worse is that most of the time, these lists don’t bother to offer any type of suggested alternative- their only purpose is to scare the reader and foster a higher level of paranoia. It’s easy to turn mundane facts into something that sounds scary.

Don’t buy into the BS!

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Written by Dan Broadbent

Science Enthusiast. Atheist. Lover of cats.

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