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  • Food-Babe-In-N-Out-Fear-Mongering
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    Dissecting A Food Babe Fear Mongering Campaign

    Dissecting A Food Babe Fear Mongering Campaign Full size image It’s a little confusing to me why Vani would choose to pick on a burger chain based on the west coast (she lives in a home on the east coast). But hey, you gotta monger where the fear mongering is good I suppose. What’s curious […] More

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    Bt use is allowed in organic farming

    Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) use in organics Organic lobbyists often resort to fear mongering to help support their points. They’re also fond of the usage of showing plants being injected with needles. A quick Google search demonstrates their use of this misinformation, despite it having nothing to to with how crops are genetically modified. The fact […] More

  • David Avocado Wolfe Effect
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    The David Avocado Wolfe Effect

    The David Avocado Wolfe Effect Some of you may not know who David Wolfe is in the first place, nevermind why he’s so dangerous. When I decided to write this, I had to do quite a fair share of digging to learn more about David Wolfe myself. Any information about him is curiously ambiguous. David […] More

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