Donald Trump reveals that ‘MAGA’ means ‘My Attorney Got Arrested’

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – A survey of Twitter users who have posted content with using the “MAGA” hashtag has revealed that, contrary to popular belief, the “MAGA” slogan actually stands for “My Attorney Got Arrested.”

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The news comes as a shock to many outsiders, but not to Donald Trump, who proudly tweeted the “MAGA” hashtag shortly after hearing the news that his former attorney, Michael Cohen, stated under oath that Donald Trump himself broke federal law.

Trump explained the meaning of the “MAGA” hashtag to the press as he exited the plane:

I’ve always used this hashtag to show solidarity with others whose attorneys have been arrested. It’s a horrible, horrible thing when your attorney gets arrested, because then your attorney needs to get an attorney, and it’s just a mess. A huge mess. And I know a thing or two about getting out of messes, believe me.

So I talked to my social media people, and they said ‘say MAGA, say it means ‘My Attorney Got Arrested.’ They told me that my base wouldn’t know the difference, so I went with it and it went wild!

But this doesn’t take away from things that we already knew. People were always telling me ‘Cohen is a felon, he’s a felon.’ And I didn’t want to believe it. But thanks to the illegal witch hunt, we know the truth now, we really do. And it’s a shame that a convicted felon like my former attorney, Michael Cohen, said I broke federal law. Who are you going to believe? A convicted felon, or me? WITCH HUNT!

Donald Trump, probably

President Trump’s new attorney, Rudy Giuliani released a statement as well:

Well, you see, my client, Donald Trump, wasn’t charged with anything today. So that means president Trump is innocent until proven guilty. And if you shorten that statement I just made, you can say “president Trump is innocent.” So, you know, checkmate Robert Mueller!

What I assume is Rudy Giuliani’s internal monologue

This story is still developing, and this article will be updated.

Written by Dan Broadbent

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