December 7, 2018

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    Is the #MeToo movement devouring Neil deGrasse Tyson?

    “Like Saturn, the Revolution devours its children”, so said Jacques Mallet du Pan in his 1793 essay “Considérations sur la nature de la Révolution de France, et sur les causes qui en prolongent la durée.” Once lit in indignation, the fire of a revolution can burn in places we do not expect, even if the […] More

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    Hawaiian monk seals are snorting eels and nobody nose why

    The Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program released a photo on Facebook a few days ago of a monk seal with an eel up its nose. You’ve heard of Elf on a Shelf… Now get ready for: I think he’s trying to tell the photographer “hey, put the camera down and help me, jerk.” Accompanying the […] More

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