Neil deGrasse Tyson cleared in misconduct probe, will return to TV

According to a report by the Associated Press, the investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by Neil deGrasse Tyson has ended and both of his TV shows will return to television.

The National Geographic Channel said in a statement Friday that Tyson’s “StarTalk” will return to the air in April with the 13 episodes that remain in the season.

The statement says Tyson’s other show, “Cosmos,” will return on National Geographic TV and Fox at a date to be determined.

Late last November, National Geographic Networks and Fox said they would examine reports that Tyson behaved in a sexually inappropriate manner toward two women. Friday’s statement did not address the complaints or investigation. (Associated Press)


Tyson had faced backlash after allegations arose last fall regarding potential misconduct by the astrophysicist. Tyson has always denied the allegations, but welcomed an investigation.

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According to the New York Times:

“The investigation is complete, and we are moving forward with both ‘StarTalk’ and ‘Cosmos,’” Fox Broadcasting and National Geographic said of his two shows. “‘StarTalk’ will return to the air with the remaining 13 episodes in April on National Geographic, and both Fox and National Geographic are committed to finding an air date for ‘Cosmos.’ There will be no further comment.”

The statement did not say what investigators concluded about the complaints. Dr. Tyson was accused in December of behaving inappropriately with two women, in an article published by the website Patheos.

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