Armed protesters without PPE storm Michigan’s Capitol building

Yet again, a bunch of idiots are protesting Michigan’s stay-at-home order by showing up and yelling at politicians who are listening to scientists and public health officials.

The theme of the protest appears to be “I don’t know,” as one of the speakers asks the seemingly rhetorical question “how did they get 6 feet?”, only to answer it himself by saying “I don’t know.”

Open carry is legal in many states, and in Michigan, it’s totally legal to carry firearms inside the Capitol building.

According to NBC news:

The protest, dubbed the “American Patriot Rally,” was organized by Michigan United for Liberty to call for the reopening of businesses.
State lawmakers are expected to vote on the 28-day extension of the state of emergency before it expires at midnight.
Whitmer, a Democrat who has faced fierce backlash for her strict stay-at-home mandate, extended that order earlier this month until May 15, but eased some restrictions on public activities as the state’s coronavirus cases stabilize. The state, however, still has more than 40,000 cases and is one of the hardest-hit states.

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I think it’s only fair to ask all these “protesters” to stay home when they eventually fall ill with COVID-19.

Cover image via Twitter screenshot

Written by Dan Broadbent

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