This ‘MAD’ magazine comic is a brutal commentary on the school shooting epidemic

We’re just over twelve months since the Las Vegas mass shooting, which was the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the United States. Just eight months ago we had one of the deadliest school shootings ever at Parkland. Despite that, not much has changed surrounding gun regulation.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, there has been over 44,000 incidents of gun violence already in 2018, including over 11,000 deaths, nearly 22,000 injuries, with over 500 children under the age of twelve being killed.

There have also been 277 mass shootings, just about one per day.

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And despite the American Medical Association declaring that gun violence is a public health crisis, federal lawmakers have failed to take any steps to address the situation. Kids are being killed, and unless something changes, they will continue to be killed.

Yet somehow, MAD magazine found a way to share some social commentary in an outstanding manner. Their December 2018 feature has a four page comic that satirizes the scourge of school shootings in the United States, done in the style of Edward Gorey’s Ghashlycrumb Tinies.

The children’s children’s book shows a child who meets their end for each letter of the alphabet in a Victorian Gothic style.

A delightful read for a young child, I’m sure.

The intro to the MAD comic, written by Matt Cohen and illustrated by Marc Pam, reads:

In the classic and twisted ABC book The Gashlycrumb Tinies, illustrator Edward Grey famously killed off 26 children in alphabetical order—one death for reach letter. Each unfortunate event was as different as it was gothic—the characters were dispatched by every method imaginable, including bears, trains, and falling statues.

Sadly, times have changed and there’s basically one way that most kids seem to die now. With that in mind, we solemnly present… The Ghastlygun Tinies.

Damn. Can’t really hit the nail on the head much harder than that.

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Written by Dan Broadbent

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