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Christian Pastor mocks victims of terrorism in Facebook post of a ‘sausage bomb’

At a time when prominent democrats all over the country are being sent bombs in the mail, a Christian pastor has taken to Facebook to really own the libs.

I wrote about Joshua Feuerstein earlier this year in January, where I defined him as a “baby-man“, as I feel that is the most succinct and precise definition I could come up with. Feuerstein appears to be an angry alt-right conspiracy theorist whose main claims to fame are throwing a goddamn fit over a coffee cup not saying ‘Merry Christmas’ on it and stealing $20,000 from his donors on GoFundMe.

But sure, we’re the snowflakes.

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In his most recent incident of baby-manness, Christian evangelist Joshua Feuerstein decided that it would be fun to make a post current events. Specifically, the baker’s dozen of bombs that were sent to democratic representatives and donors all around the country. Because that’s what Jesus would do, I guess?

The post reads:

DEAR CNN, I just received this in my mailbox. I figured it looks as legitimate as the one you received. I knew it was breaking news and that you would devote today’s news cycle to it. Let me know if you want an interview.

Please raise your hand if you’re surprised that Joshua Feuerstein, a man who never stops sweating and looks like how tuna smells, orders sausages by mail.

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Feuerstein is attempting to minimize the fact that a man sent numerous bombs to politicians and private citizens who are politically active. Hell, Chris Wray – the Director of the FBI – said himself that these are real bombs, and not a hoax. So I guess this is the legendary Christian compassion™ we always hear about.

But that’s not all, he’s also dabbling in some of the stupidest and most easily dismissible conspiracy theories going around.

First, we have the notion that it was a “false flag.” This term is something that dates back to the days of old school pirates where they would fly the flag of a friendly country so that they could safely approach, then board a ship. It’s the same thing that idiots like Alex Jones constantly wail about.

But wait, there’s more.

This one is so stupid, and so obvious, that even Facebook warns you that Feuerstein is peddling in easily debunkable bullshit when you try to share the post.

For the first time in a long time, I have to say “thanks, Facebook.”

The stamps weren’t postmarked because they were hand-delivered. But to be fair, pausing to contemplate the possibility of alternative explanations to phenomenon you do not immediately understand is par for the course if you’re an evangelical Christian.

But despite all this, the reality is that federal law enforcement was engaged in a nationwide manhunt that ended earlier today when the suspected would-be bomber was arrested. And take a wild guess as to what political affiliation the suspect’s van suggests he has:

(Photo via NYT)


I’m so glad you asked! As it turns out, almost two thirds of domestic terrorism is linked to right wing extremists. And of course this isn’t to say that there is absolutely no violence from left wing extremists, just that if there is violence, it’s far more likely to be from a Trump supporter than a Bernie bro. So, you know, the notion that the democrats are ‘out of control’ or ‘radically violent’ is a myth. Regardless the source though, it goes without saying that political violence is not okay.

It does make me wonder how Feuerstein and others would have reacted if these bombs were mailed to prominent conservatives. Would he still claim they’re fake or a false flag? Or would he take the opportunity to pretend that “the left is out of control”?

But at the end of all this, in Joshua Feuerstein’s version of the multiverse, we’re left with two possibilities here: either the FBI is full of idiots, or Feuerstein is an idiot.

I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.


Written by Dan Broadbent

Science Enthusiast. Atheist. Lover of cats.

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