Anti-Vaxxer asks how to stop 18 year old son from getting vaccinated, internet doesn’t disappoint

As I’ve said before, If you ever want to have your faith in humanity destroyed, join an anti-vaxxer group.

A few years ago, I joined a handful of groups just to see what kinds of conversations were happening and to try to understand their logic. Spoiler alert: there is no logic to be found.

Thanks to known fraud Andrew Wakefield, we’re currently dealing with a Measles outbreak in the state of Washington. Measles. The easily preventable disease that we declared eliminated in 2000.

This is the dumbest first world problem.

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We’ve had this discussion over and over and over again. To the point that nurses are going viral (pun intended) trying to spread the message that vaccines are safe.

If you can get beyond the fact that these are high school graduates who spent a few hours on the Google machine who think they know more than doctors, sometimes it’s a bit amusing. Like when people ask questions like this:

Despite their best efforts, the kiddo managed to make it to eighteen years old. Not only that, but the kid is intelligent enough to realize that he needs to protect not only himself, but also everyone around him from preventable diseases. Wonderful!

And of course, when you ask a question into the void of the internet, the internet speaks back to you.


This could work!

Yep, there was a kid in Oregon who got lockjaw because his parents failed to vaccinate him against Tetanus. After spending over 2 months in intensive care and a rehab facility, the kid STILL isn’t vaccinated.

Mind blowing to say the least.

Weird how these creatures called “adults” have this “bodily autonomy” thing, isn’t it?

Kudos to this kid for having the fortitude to not only make it to 18, but to get himself vaccinated!

h/t Woke Sloth


Written by Dan Broadbent

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