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An open letter to followers of GMO Free USA, Incorporated


Dear followers of GMO Free USA, Incorporated:

You’re being lied to.

GMO Free USA Incorporated is one of many organizations whose role is to spread (mis)information about GM food. However, organizations like them are often funded by organic food companies themselves- they literally are the definition of shills for Big Organic.  

Their sole purpose is to scare you into believing that GM food is dangerous and is harming you/the environment. The fact of the matter is there is no evidence that this is the case.

GMO Free USA Inc was founded by Diana Reeves in 2012. Diana’s story includes losing a young child to cancer, then her family developing an autoimmune disease and “other health problems” (per her self-report). Diana’s bio reports that she “began to learn about the connections between these illnesses and genetically engineered foods,” which lead to the advent of GMO Free USA Inc. Diana is also a co-chair of the GMO Free Global Coalition “steering committee” (along with the infamous Vandana Shiva). IRS information for GMO Free USA Inc isn’t publicly available as the corporation reportedly receives less than $50,000 a year in donations (despite having at least twelve staff members).

GMO Free USA Inc currently has a few “campaigns” they’re involved in, perhaps most notably their campaigns against Kellogg’s and JR Simplot.

If I ever hit 600k+ likes on my page like GMO Free USA, I’ll be damn sure to post screenshots from my cell phone too.

Conveniently, GMO Free USA Inc ignores that fact that organics also use pesticides. If GMO Free USA Inc used evidence-based claims, there would not be any reason for them to fear monger and promote anti-GM propaganda.

If GMO Free USA Inc cared about promoting factual information, why don’t they promote that these potatoes create less Acrylamide when cooked?  Acrylamide is a neurotoxin and is created when any potato is cooked (yes, even your “organic” potatoes). Acrylamide is listed as a Group 2 carcinogen by the IARC, which is the same categorization as glyphosate.

Additionally, followers of GMO Free USA Inc need to understand that these potatoes are not sprayed with glyphosate. Many don’t even know what company they’re posting to or what their actual concern is supposed to be; they’re just parroting what GMO Free USA Inc is telling them to say.


Even Everett doesn’t understand what he doesn’t understand.


Glyphosate is a completely separate product, unrelated to Simplot’s potatoes.  So when their followers say they “don’t want glyphosate in our potatoes,” they’re only exemplifying how effective GMO Free USA Inc has been at spreading misinformation (and sometimes outright lies).

All of our food today has been genetically modified.  Selective breeding is a form of GM, and is literally just a guessing game as to what will result. Lab-created GM is extremely precise, has a known outcome, and requires years of testing to ensure its safety (read more).

There are no studies that show GM food is dangerous or harmful.

Science becomes significantly less scary once you attempt to understand it. 

Instead of immediately buying into GMO Free USA Inc’s propaganda, exercise some skepticism.  Examine their sources.  Don’t believe a sexy headline just because you see it on a meme.


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Written by Dan Broadbent

Science Enthusiast. Atheist. Lover of cats.




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