A 10 year old won a science fair with a project that concluded Tom Brady is a cheater

With Super Bowl LII just around the corner, and the New England Patriots once again back in the big game, football fans all over the country might remember a little news scandal called “Deflategate,” and a 10 year old kid in Kentucky just won a science fair by proving — according to his experiments anyway — that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady cheated by having his balls deflated just enough so they’d go farther.

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The general idea behind Deflategate was that Brady secretly contacted the equipment crew at New England’s stadium and hired a couple of them to let out air in the balls he’d be using during the playoffs. The accusation was that Brady did this to get an edge, because balls with less air in them would travel farther. At the time, according to Business Insider, Brady flatly denied the allegations, but after a lengthy process, he did actually find himself in a little bit of hot water with the league.

Brady dismissed the allegations at first, calling the claims “ridiculous.” He was eventually suspended for four games, however, and the Patriots were fined $1 million and lost two draft picks.

This year, Ace Davis — yes, that’s his real name and it’s fitting for the job he did, I think — used his school science fair to run a series of tests in order to try to prove — or disprove — whether Brady having his balls flattened a touch would actually have an impact on his passes. Davis is 10 and attends Millcreek Elementary School in Lexington, Kentucky. Ace enlisted his family’s help to test his theory that Tom Brady is a cheating-ass-cheater.

To prove this, he and his family threw footballs “of different weights (psi-pounds per square inch)” in the yard. The results, Ace said, showed that the most inflated balls traveled the shortest distances and the least inflated balls traveled the farthest.

Brady’s a Cheating Cheater

In clear, certain terms, Ace’s experiment concludes quite simply: “Tom Brady is indeed a cheater.” Ace’s experiment was good enough to win him the first prize at the fair. He probably had no idea that part of that prize would be a little national attention, but his story has certainly gone viral.\

Ace’s father first posted about the project on Facebook:

While I’m excited that this kid used science to prove that Brady is a cheater — and in the interest of full-disclosure I’m a die hard, lifelong Rams fan — I think what makes me admire Ace most is his chutzpah. Dude did not mince any words when he was asked by CBS News what he’d tell Brady if he ever met him.

…he would reportedly tell him to retire, according to CBS News.

And for the final haymaker, after having scientifically proven Brady’s corruption, Ace lands a knockout blow.

He also reportedly said he would give Brady this message: “Give me some of your money. You don’t deserve it.”

Well done, Ace. Well done.

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