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    I’m not crying, you’re crying: NASA’s Mars Opportunity rover is officially dead

    Today, NASA is expected to officially announce what we’ve all been suspecting since last summer. NASA’s Mars Opportunity rover is officially dead. Edit to update: NASA has released an official statement saying that Oppy is dead. Goodnight, sweet prince.  It’s been eight months since we last heard from Opportunity. That last communication came just as […] More

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    NASA has plans to probe Uranus in search of gas

    As we talk about humans returning to the moon and the Trump administration forming the Space Force, it’s easy to think about the less-sexy bodies in the solar system, particularly Neptune and Uranus. But a group at NASA aims to change that, with plans to send probes to the planets to learn more about their […] More

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    NASA’s Curiosity Rover makes a new discovery on Mars

    NASA has announced that it found something on Mars. What is it? Well… they’re going to tell us about it tomorrow. In a statement, NASA said: The media and public are invited to ask questions during a live discussion at 2 p.m. EDT Thursday, June 7, on new science results from NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover. […] More

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