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Fake Doctor With Fake Mohawk Arrested For Fake Practice Of Fake Medicine


In an exercise in redundancy, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department in Florida arrested 18-year-old Malachi Love-Robinson for practicing fake medicine without a license. “Dr. Love” was caught when he offered medical advice after performing an examination on an undercover officer. This comes after he was cited for practicing medicine without a license in October 2015. Doh!

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Dr. Love had quite the setup for himself. His “practice” – New Birth New Life Holistic and Alternative Medical Center – had a Facebook page, a website, and even an office in a legitimate medical office building.

That’s a lot of stock photos for one website.

From Dr. Love’s bio:

Dr. Malachi A. Love-Robinson is a a [sic] well rounded professional that treats, and cares for patients, using a system of practice that bases treatment of physiological functions and abnormal conditions on natural laws governing the human body. Dr Love-Robinson utilizes physiological, psychological, and mechanical methods, such as air, water, light, heat, earth, phototherapy, food and herb therapy, psychotherapy, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, mechanotherapy, naturopathic corrections and manipulation, and natural methods or modalities, together with natural medicines, natural processed foods, and herbs and nature’s remedies.


Really, Dr. Love is the winner here in two ways: first by flying under the radar and setting up an unlicensed “practice”, and second, by opening his doors to people seeking “treatment” from an alternative medicine practitioner.. In the second regard, Dr. Love is no different from licensed alternative medicine practitioners: the people treated by Dr. Love believed that his holistic/alternative practice would be real medicine in the first place. Never trust a “doctor” with a fauxhawk.

While holistic doctors do have “certifications” of their own, it’s kind of like printing your own Monopoly money.

Alternative medicine that has been proven to work is simply called “medicine.”

How many times do we need to show that homeopathy is completely bullshit?

UPDATE: ABC’s interview with Dr. Love

[h/t WGNTV & Biology Babe]

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Written by Dan Broadbent

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