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  • Christmas Comet

    Year’s brightest comet, the ‘Christmas Comet’, visible this weekend

    This Sunday, December 16th, star lovers everywhere will get the chance to see this year’s brightest comet with the naked eye. Dubbed the ‘Christmas Comet’, or 46P/Wirtanen, it’s an opportunity for space enthusiasts to find a dark place an hurt their necks looking at the heavens. Astronomy Magazine reports: The year’s brightest comet makes its […] More

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    NASA’s OSIRIS-REx probe just found water on the asteroid Bennu!

    Last week, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft completed its 27-month journey to rendezvous with the asteroid Bennu. The probe is currently orbiting Bennu about 12 miles (19 kilometers) from the surface. The goal of the mission is to land on the asteroid and return a sample of the asteroid. NASA has never attempted anything like this in the […] More

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    NASA releases first sounds ever recorded on Mars

    Today, NASA released the first ever audio recording from Mars! NASA’s InSight lander touched down successfully on Mars on November 26th. The primary mission of the lander (which is not a rover) is to study the interior of Mars by drilling below the surface. The goal is to analyze seismic activity and monitor for Marsquakes, which […] More

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    Elon Musk releases video of Falcon 9 landing failure

    Elon Musk just released video of the first stage booster of the SpaceX CRS-16 mission as it returns to Earth and spins out of control – in rather dramatic fashion. While SpaceX cut away from the descending booster as it appeared spin during the webcast, Elon Musk released the full video of the landing on […] More

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    New Horizons probe approaches the mysterious Ultima Thule

    Twelve years ago, NASA launched the New Horizons probe. The primary mission was to study Pluto and get the very first up-close views of Pluto to help us learn more about the most famous not-a-planet. #WorthIt Reaching Pluto was not an easy feat. Pluto is about 40 times as far away from the Sun as […] More

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    NASA announces the first test flight for SpaceX Crew Dragon

    Cover image: NASA astronaut Suni Williams participates in a simulated mission inside the SpaceX Crew Dragon while wearing SpaceX’s spacesuit. Photo Credit: SpaceX Amidst the chaos of pre-Thanksgiving travel, and perhaps a bit buried by the viral story of a Christian missionary being killed by an isolated tribe, NASA and SpaceX announced on Wednesday that the […] More

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    Trump’s new Attorney General: ‘Judges should have a Biblical view of justice’

    After firing Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump appointed Matthew Whitaker as the acting Attorney General. The only logical reason for Trump to circumvent the traditional chain of command (which would have resulted in Rod Rosenstein becoming the acting AG) is because Whitaker has openly opined that he believes the Mueller investigation into Russian interference with the […] More

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    Over 20 STEM candidates were elected to Congress in the 2018 Midterms

    The results of last night’s election were pretty much what everybody expected to happen. Democrats won control of the House, Republicans maintained control of the Senate, and the anti-gay religious bigot Kim Davis lost her bid for re-election. But something we might not have expected to happen happened. Last night, over 20 candidates who have […] More

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    NASA has plans to probe Uranus in search of gas

    As we talk about humans returning to the moon and the Trump administration forming the Space Force, it’s easy to think about the less-sexy bodies in the solar system, particularly Neptune and Uranus. But a group at NASA aims to change that, with plans to send probes to the planets to learn more about their […] More

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