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20 Accidentally Inappropriate Christmas Decorations Sure To Spark Your Yule Log

The time of year of winter holiday celebrations is upon us, isn’t it? And nothing honors the sanctity of Christmas — the holiday that is ONLY EVER ABOUT THE BIRTH OF BABY JESUS! — like putting up Christmas decorations. That is, of course, unless your decorations are accidentally very inappropriate.

…like these!

#20. I’m not sure whoever put up these fun Christmas street lights understood that the lyrics are “DECK the HALLS” but here we are anyway.

#19. Hmm. No thanks. I don’t think I’m interested in whatever warmth it is you’re greeting me with today, good sir or madam!

#18. Bangkok holiday statue display or something new to get blamed on Millennials for inventing?

#17. Not sure this is what the Bible means when it talks about people’s “cups running over,” but…

#16. Weird way to remind people that suicide rates typically skyrocket during the holidays.

#15. What exactly do you wash down THIS cookie with, anyway, Santa?

#14. Christmas tree, eh? Sure, sure. Okay. We’ll go with that, but plug your ears so I can tell you what I think it looks like.

#13. Tonight the part of Santa Claus will be played by Harvey Weinstein

#12. Excuse me? What are these lights for, and WHY do I want them on my house?

#11. Gosh, daylight can really help you see things much differently, can’t it?

#10. Uhh, we’re thinking Dasher might want to get to his urologist ASAP, they’re not supposed to look like that.

#9. Pretty sure if we can’t sing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” we sure as hell can’t be making these kinds of demands, Bing.

#8. Clearly nobody here learned the lesson from “A Christmas Story.”
(Also, technically I think this cost half of $69)

#7. Aww! How cute — WAIT! Santa! WTF, dude?!

#6. Jesus, Santa! I thought we just went over this!

#5. Oh, now it’s starting to make sense, Santa.


#4. This Santa being brown might be the least of Megyn Kelly’s worries.

#3. When “fall on your knees” takes on a whole new connotation…

#2. He only paused a moment when he heard them holler, “STOP!”

#1. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…

h/t WokeSloth for the trove of decorations that inspired us!





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