This Artist Paints Eyes on Rocks Then Returns Them to the Wild

Admittedly, I have a bit of a bias toward artists. Maybe it’s because I pretentiously think of myself as one, but I also think it’s because I appreciate what artists do for society in general, which is to inspire reactions from us that hopefully trigger some kind of deeper thought or feeling about human existence. Also, artists do a lot of dope stuff, and this is a story about one of those artists who goes by the name Jennifer Allnutt.

Allnutt recently gave the Internet a look at a project she’s taken on that we thought you might be interested in seeing.

On a recent residency with Q Bank Gallery in Queenstown, Tasmania I began a project of transforming collected rocks into painted eyes and returning them to the landscape to be found or lost forever.

Queenstown has an extensive mining history and there were many unusual rocks everywhere. So I began a collection and what started as something for myself grew into a treasure hunt/community art project.

Jennifer’s work speaks for itself. She uses rocks of all sizes.

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An interesting part of Jennifer’s process is that she doesn’t then try to sell her work, at least for this project. She simply returns the rocks to the wild. It would be pretty fantastic to randomly find one of her rocks while on a walk, don’t you think?

With the environment under threat thanks to the effects of climate change, it’s nice to see someone trying to bring a little beauty to it. Hopefully Jennifer is able to continue to her project for as long as she’d like to, because someone bringing a little joy and beauty into the world is 100% needed these days.

Ordinarily, a bunch of disembodied eyeballs floating around the wilderness might be the stuff of nightmares. But Jennifer Allnutt’s work for some reason isn’t disturbing, at least when I see it. It’s refreshing and unique and fun.

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