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  • Food Babe, Thin Mints
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    Girls Scout Cookies are Delicious

      (Full-size image link) Vani has continued to try to bully other companies, such as In-N-Out Burgers. Sources: Organic farmers can use Copper Sulfate on their crops, shown to cause liver disease HFCS is no more dangerous than table sugar Gluten makes your dick fly off Synthetic vitamins are the same as naturally occurring vitamins […] More

  • organic-chemical-sprayer

    Organic crops use carcinogenic pesticides

    This is a guest blog, originally posted on Farm Babe, and and was re-posted with permission.  While the Organic industry spends Billions of dollars through different organizations leading with fear as an industry to get you to buy their products, they are horribly hypocritical. Below is a list of Organic substances, some far more toxic than […] More

  • David Avocado Wolfe Effect
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    The David Avocado Wolfe Effect

    The David Avocado Wolfe Effect Some of you may not know who David Wolfe is in the first place, nevermind why he’s so dangerous. When I decided to write this, I had to do quite a fair share of digging to learn more about David Wolfe myself. Any information about him is curiously ambiguous. David […] More

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