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    5 Reasons to Avoid GMO Foods

    From frankenfruit to corn that is sentient, everyone knows the dangers of GMO foods are real! Here are five reasons why you might avoid GMOs: 1. The idea of children needlessly being blind and dying is appealing to you. Approximately 250 million (yes, 250,000,000) children have a Vitamin A deficiency. Of those, 250,000 to 500,000 […] More

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    Girls Scout Cookies are Delicious

      (Full-size image link) Vani has continued to try to bully other companies, such as In-N-Out Burgers. Sources: Organic farmers can use Copper Sulfate on their crops, shown to cause liver disease HFCS is no more dangerous than table sugar Gluten makes your dick fly off Synthetic vitamins are the same as naturally occurring vitamins […] More

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    No, GM crops aren’t drenched in chemicals.

    No, GM crops aren’t drenched in chemicals. This is a guest blog, originally posted by friend of the page, Michelle Miller.  You may know Michelle better as Farm Babe! This article is being posted on aSE at Michelle’s request. I took this picture of the weeds at the edge of our cornfield back in August. Could […] More

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    Chipotle is overlooking basic food safety for fake GMO dangers

    Chipotle is overlooking basic food safety for fake GMO dangers The CDC has confirmed that Chipotle’s E. coli outbreak has affected over 50 people across nine states. Chipotle had previously voluntarily closed over 40 stores, however health officials forced another store to close as well for repeated safety violations. This week, Chipotle was linked to […] More

  • David Avocado Wolfe Effect
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    The David Avocado Wolfe Effect

    The David Avocado Wolfe Effect Some of you may not know who David Wolfe is in the first place, nevermind why he’s so dangerous. When I decided to write this, I had to do quite a fair share of digging to learn more about David Wolfe myself. Any information about him is curiously ambiguous. David […] More

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    Chipotle Has Officially Gone Full Anti-Science

    Chipotle announced that they’re getting rid of all GM food on their menu.  If you check out their cute little explanation as to why, the observant reader will quickly identify some major pseudoscientific claims. Chiptole’s reasons are: Scientists haven’t proven GM food safe (they have) GM food damages the environment (they don’t) “Chipotle should be […] More

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    Addressing the ‘Monsanto Shill Syndrome’

    Addressing the ‘Monsanto Shill Syndrome’ MONSANTO! MONSANTO! MONSANTO! The name alone strikes fear into the hearts of kale enthusiasts everywhere. The anti-GMO movement (we’ll call it the anti-science movement, because that’s what it is) is certainly the minority, but they’re a loud minority. Anti-science’s official arch-enemy is Monsanto, but if you want to see how […] More

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