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Joseph Mercola Has Made Millions Thanks To Big Pharma


Joseph Mercola Has Made Millions Thanks To Big Pharma

People like Joseph Mercola are the epitome of hypocrisy. They claim that “Big Pharma” is evil and has built their business model around keeping people sick in order to perpetually reap profits. Yet a quick glance at the store on his website reveals a variety of products making grandiose claims, though each one is followed up by an asterisk, which lets you know that none of it has been reviewed by the FDA (or anyone else who actually practices medicine).

Mercola also famously sold tanning beds to people promising that they prevented cancer but actually caused cancer. Because lying assholes are gonna do what lying assholes are gonna do.

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I recently had a run-in with Mercola’s significant other, Erin Elizabeth, who told me that I’m wrong about calling her out for selling woo, because she doesn’t actually sell anything on her website. She’s intentionally set herself up this way to be able to try to play the “I don’t sell anything” card. It’s bullshit. While Erin doesn’t sell anything herself, she’s an accomplice to her boyfriend, and reaps the benefits indirectly from him.

For a more thorough breakdown of Mercola’s history of sketchy past, I encourage you to read this article at Quackwatch.

Written by Dan Broadbent

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