Watch This Good Boi Rescue a Man Buried in Snow

Any dog owner who’s ever been sick or hurt in front of their pup knows that they can be pretty intuitive and caring in their own way during times of human distress. Dogs and humans can develop incredible bonds, and dogs can be trained to serve as irreplaceable partners, such as with K-9 police officer units, and service dogs who help disabled people navigate the world. Historically, dogs have also been trained to help retrieve shot animals while hunting, and dogs are often trained to assist in rescues in snowy and mountainous terrain.

In fact, Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England is a charity that trains rescue dogs help humans in crisis while in the wilderness, and they uploaded a video of a snow rescue dog in action, and it’s pretty spectacular. While the “rescue” that was captured was of a training exercise, it demonstrates perfectly what these incredibly talented doggos are capable of!

MRSDE estimates that their human volunteers spend more than 130 days a year for a two or three years to train their dogs for the task. They don’t have any government funding, and are completely volunteer and donation based. After watching the video, maybe a few more generous folks will give to their noble, and adorable cause.

MRSDE uploaded a video of one of their practice rescues, and just the stills alone are pretty priceless.

First, the volunteer goes and buries themselves in the snow.

Soon, Flo, our hero dog, manages to pierce the veil of snow covering the human volunteer.

Soon, Flo’s broken all the way through!

And within moments, the volunteer is well on their way to getting dug out by Flo.

Go ahead. Try not to squee just a little when you see this picture of our friend Flo here!

Here’s the full video of Flo’s awesome practice rescue.

h/t Bored Panda

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