Here are 53 reasons why Donald Trump will not be impeached

I understand that there’s been a lot of political posts lately. But this is only the 4th time in our history that a president has faced impeachment. Our Constitution is under attack by Trump and the GOP. Our democracy is under attack. I feel that it would be a massive disservice to not address this issue, especially given the multiple lies and distortions coming from the GOP.

I made the aSE Facebook page about 5 years ago to promote science, atheism, and rationality. Or, in fewer words, I made this page to promote truth. Truth itself is under attack by Trump, and many members of the GOP who defend/enable him.

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I’ve learned more about the Constitution this year and have read countless stories about how the creators of our country debated and argued over the language used in the Constitution. It’s quite remarkable to see how intensely everything was debated. Nothing like it had ever been written before, and you’d be hard pressed to find a comparable founding document for another country since. The Constitution is an incredible document with so much foresight in almost every way (except that whole “well regulated militia” thing and not adding a “no slaves” clause in the Bill of Rights). The Constitution is under attack by this president and those who lie for him.

A great deal of my renewed patriotism stems from reading Andrew Seidel’s new book The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism is Un-American. He expertly weaves Bible passages, the constitution, letters by the founding fathers, historical events, and other anecdotes together in a way that makes it clear the religious right has never cared about the constitution or what the Bible actually says.

If you enjoy learning more about the creation of our country, the Constitution, and why separation of church and state is vital to the future of our country, I implore you to check out his book (you can be like me and buy both the hardcopy as well as the audiobook version!) and follow Andrew on Facebook as well as Twitter.

(Full disclosure: I’m a bit biased when it comes to Andrew. After all, back when I ran a podcast, we had him on the show not once, not twice, not three times, not four times, but five times in total. He’s just that great.)

So I understand if you unfollow me because I’m posting a lot about an incredible time in our history as a nation. That’s fine. Having a lot of followers is cool, sure. But I don’t care to lose the type of follower who thinks that it’s not important to call out such an unprecedented attack on our Constitution, or truth as a whole. And if you want to help protect our government from the religious right and protect the religious freedom for everyone, consider joining the FFRF like I have.

All that said, here’s a comprehensive list of reasons why Donald Trump won’t be impeached:

1. Senator Chuck Grassley (R)

2. Senator Mitch McConnell (R)

3. Senator Richard Shelby (R)

4. Senator Jim Inhofe (R)

5. Senator Susan Collins (R)

6. Senator Michael Enzi (R)

7. Senator Pat Roberts (R)

8. Senator Michael Crapo (R)

9. Senator John Cornyn (R)

10. Senator Lamar Alexander (R)

11. Senator Lindsey Graham (R)

12. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R)

13. Senator Richard Burr (R)

14. Senator John Isakson (R)

15. Senator John Thune (R)

16. Senator John Barrasso (R)

17. Senator Roger Wicker (R)

18. Senator James Risch (R)

19. Senator Roy Blunt (R)

20. Senator John Boozman (R)

21. Senator Jerry Moran (R)

22. Senator Robert Portman (R)

23. Senator Patrick Toomey (R)

24. Senator Marco Rubio (R)

25. Senator Paul Hoeven (R)

26. Senator Rand Paul (R)

27. Senator Mike Lee (R)

28. Senator Ron Johnson (R)

29. Senator Tim Scott (R)

30. Senator Deb Fischer (R)

31. Senator Ted Cruz (R)

32. Senator Shelley Capito (R)

33. Senator Bill Cassidy (R)

34. Senator Cory Gardner (R)

35. Senator James Lankford (R)

36. Senator Tom Cotton (R)

37. Senator Steve Daines (R)

38. Senator Dan Sullivan (R)

39. Senator David Perdue (R)

40. Senator Joni Ernst (R)

41. Senator Thom Tillis (R)

42. Senator Mike Rounds (R)

43. Senator Ben Sasse (R)

44. Senator Todd Young (R)

45. Senator John Kennedy (R)

46. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R)

47. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R)

48. Senator Kevin Cramer (R)

49. Senator Martha McSally (R)

50. Senator Mike Braun (R)

51. Senator Joshua Hawley (R)

52. Senator Mitt Romney (R)

53. Senator Rick Scott (R)

(Yes, I know the Senate convicts/removes, y’all know what I’m referring to in the headline, and headlines can’t be overly verbose.)

Of course, if 20 or more of these reasons find a spine and decide to uphold their oath of office, things could change. You can help change their minds by calling and writing to your Senator using the search tool on To best convey your thoughts and increase the change your voice is actually heard, be sure to provide your Senator with your address/phone number (this tells them that you’re actually one of their constituents), be polite, and be as concise as possible. If you’re calling them, it might help to type up your thoughts in advance.

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Portions of this post were originally shared on the aSE Facebook page.

Written by Dan Broadbent

Science Enthusiast. Atheist. Lover of cats.




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